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“Done for You” LinkedIn Marketing Solution for a complete walk-thru of how we can help and get you consistent Lead Flow using LinkedIn Exclusively. We are in the business to help companies, like yours, get consistent leads on LinkedIn generating more Sales Opportunities. If you engage on LinkedIn with your target market like a “laser,” you WILL do more, more business.

We set up and show you how… We bring out the “LinkedIn Ninja” in you.

Linked Lead Ninja
LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Company

We offer a solution that you can start using right out of the box with systems that just work.

The Problem
Not really sure how to use LinkedIn effectively for your niche?
Not enough consistent qualified B2B leads for your business?
People like you are using LinkedIn to secure more business but you are not sure how they are doing it?
Not sure how to consistently Prospect on LinkedIn for new business?

The Solution
Training and Coaching for LinkedIn Users
A LinkedIn “Prospecting Plan of Action” set in place that gets results.
Building targeted connections on and off of LinkedIn for you.
Offering “Done for You” services – Profile makeovers to a complete LinkedIn “Plan of Action”

The Call to Action
The fact of the matter is that people are doing REAL business on LinkedIn. Connections are NOT just being made but relationships are being built and “Real Deals” are being closed for the benefit of both parties. If you want to take your business to the next level and fill your schedule with your target market…your specific niche, contact me.
Schedule a time for a Quick Call to see if this is a good fit for both of us. I look forward to it.
Welcome to Linked Lead Ninja
Our training and “Done for You”
Service is designed to take the “pain” away of trying to figure out what works on LinkedIn.
As a LinkedIn Lead Generation Company, we offer strategies to deliver effective leads to businesses just like yours. We help you develop the right message then hit the right target market to get you positive engagement… Day-in and day-out. Let’s have a quick call to see how we can help.
We help you do “Real Business” on Linkedin
The Fact of the Matter is that people are doing REAL business on LinkedIn. Connections are NOT just being made but relationships are being built and “Real Deals” are being closed for the benefit of both parties.
  • If you want to take your business to the next level, contact me.
  • If you want to fill your schedule with real prospects from your target market, contact me.
  • If you want to build contacts with your specific niche, contact me.
  • We have the systems and knowledge to target your market like a laser and get them to engage with you in a positive manner.


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Linkedin Ninja Training Starts Now…
We don’t just teach our techniques we use them everyday for ourselves and our clients to produce results that are measurable.

We do one thing and we do it very well and that is helping our clients market their product or services exclusively inside of LinkedIn to produce positive engagement. In short we will find your target on LinkedIn and engage them with:

  • Custom messaging driving traffic to your website
  • Optimized LinkedIn profile, Phone, Email, etc

This will build long lasting relationships and build your business short and long term.

As you may know LinkedIn is the largest B2B Social Platform in the world. The fact is people ARE doing REAL Business on LinkedIn and if you are under utilizing the power of LinkedIn you are missing out on that business.
We help fill that gap, by a combination of showing you how to message and engage with 1,000’s of people on LinkedIn a month. I think you will agree that this is necessary to generate new business and keep your sales pipeline full of fresh prospects.
It’s Really that Easy
We help you build a great foundation that shines bright: Your LinkedIn Profile. This profile, with all the activity we will generate: 200 + views every week at a minimum, Powerful. When Optimized correctly your profile will convert by itself….but wait there’s more.
Strive not to be a success,
but rather to be of value.
~ Albert Einstein
Can You Feel the Power…?
Not only will we help you find your target market but we will show you how to systematically message and engage on a a daily schedule you can handle. When you are engaging with out tried and tested methods you will produce only one thing, positive interaction with new and existing connections.
Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.
~ Babe Ruth


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