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A Do's and Don'ts List For Sales Pros Writing LinkedIn Posts

If you are a sales pro trying to write great LinkedIn posts, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Since LinkedIn started offering tools that allow you to publish blog-style content, plenty of salespeople have been using it to share their posts. Sharing posts with your community may help increase the visibility of your business. Even though hundreds of thousands of people now share their posts on LinkedIn, many of them do not reap the maximum benefits. It is important to note that LinkedIn is growing rapidly. This means that there are plenty of posts. Without a good strategy, yours may not be visible. Here is a dos and don’ts list for sales pros writing LinkedIn posts.

1. Do: Tell Your story

LinkedIn Pulse allows you to talk about yourself. Plenty of sales pros use it to give opinions and write educative posts. There aren’t many personal stories. Talk about personal problems and how they can be solved. You may also link to research articles.

2. Don’t: Speak for the PR Team

If your company is experiencing PR problems, be careful not to use LinkedIn as a platform to address them. Issues such as missed deliveries and damaged orders should be addressed by the PR team. If you shed light on them, you may start negative conversations online.

3. Do: Champion the Success of Your Customers

Show your customers that you care about them and not just your business. Offer to share their success stories or personal journey. It will promote their loyalty and encourage them to buy from you.

4. Don’t: Don’t Talk Exclusively About Your Company

Do not use LinkedIn as a platform to share everything about your business and its services. Even though your content should raise awareness about your business. Your calls to actions should not be all about your business. Having original and diverse content encourages your customers to keep reading.

5. Do: Manage the Performance of Your Posts as A Lead Generation Tool

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for lead generation. Monitor the progress of every post and follow up on potential leads. Publishing a good post is not enough. Responds to comments and make connections when you can. Strive to understand the buyer journey of your customers and guide them through all the steps. Your posts should support their needs before they do business with you.

6. Don’t: Pay Attention to the Length

Even though LinkedIn posts do not have a length limit, you should try to keep them short. Readers are more likely to read shorter pieces than long ones. Short posts are more effective than longer ones.

LinkedIn has simple publishing tools. It comes with a built-in audience and allows you to add a personal touch to your writing. You can easily see the number of people that have viewed your post. With some planning, sales pros can generate lots of leads. Contact Linked Lead Ninja today if you need help generating consistent leads on LinkedIn exclusively.
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