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Are you using LinkedIn professionally with strategies or simply use it to make connections?

Some cool facts of the LinkedIn may astonish you, one is LinkedIn is 277% more effective in comparison with other social platform like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for lead generation and most of the people who use LinkedIn don’t have any idea about what to do.

Get an imagination with these facts that if you know what to do in this social platform how the 277% lead generation rate is helpful for your website. Following a strategy or routine will get you the reliable results within a certain timeframe and help you to track your ROI.

Here we enlist you the top 5 tried and tested tips that will advance your LinkedIn experience and boost your lead generation and network whether you are a seasoned vet or just create an ID there.

Tip 1. Create a backup of your Connection list

We are free to feel that LinkedIn is the manageable online Rolodex containing dynamic information about professional networks and you may never think about the protection of your data. As it is said, we are free to feel that LinkedIn can tightly secure your data in a spot yet uncertainly are beyond the controls if LinkedIn bugs attack.
The connection list is something very important in the marketing business, so make sure you will not lose it anyway.

Tip 2. The breakfast method to get a connection

In the breakfast method, you will watch 20-30 LinkedIn profiles best suited for your business. Your experts might check the who’s viewed your profile’ option and invite you to connect only if your profile is excellent and eye-catching.

Tip 3. The Built-In CRM option

The LinkedIn contacts offer you the capability to manage LinkedIn connections with its built-in CRM features like Various reminders, tags, notes, and various other options. It is quite helpful to classify your connections in various small groups giving them a tag.

You may get up to 200 tags but it is recommended that you may replace it with your own tags like:


Tip 4. The connection strategy

What could be a connection strategy? Getting connected to someone’s LinkedIn profile without making conversation is something like walking around networking and accepting various business cards silently. Do you do this in person? No. then why online. Every time when you make a connection or your connection request is accepted try to make more of it by starting a conversation.

Three things that you can do for your connection strategy:

•Mapping the requesting and accepting process related to new connections.
•Classifying the various types of connection like tagging and all.
•Create a master message that can be sent to a group of connections. Make sure you do not sound generic.

Tip 5. Take help of marketing to Access Experts on LinkedIn

This is beneficial if you want professional service and boost your lead generation. You can find plenty of online marketing sites with varying price outlets and marketing schemes. Make choice according to your business and budget.

Hiring the best LinkedIn marketing company will be essential for every business.

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