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What are your Goals on LinkedIn?

Signing up with LinkedIn is fast and easy. You just go to their website and fill in your personal information. Add a few details about the type of work you do, and you’re ready to sit back and watch as the leads come rolling in. Right?

If that is your approach to using LinkedIn to get viable leads, then you are almost certain not to have the same kind of success as you have seen happening to everyone else. You get emails reminding you to “check in” or notices that your connections have reached new milestones. So, what it is that they are doing that you aren’t?
A failure to get results is not a reflection on your qualifications to do your job. It’s got a lot more to do with how you aren’t using LinkedIn to get the right people to notice you. If you have any or all of the following problems, it’s time to change your approach and make LinkedIn work for you.

Problem #1

You aren’t looking for the right connections


First of all, think about the name “Linked In” and what the website is all about. It’s not just who you link to, but also who those links are linked to. The B2B links you want may be two, three, or more connections away. You need to make more links within your niche to get to the ones who want your product or service. It takes more than searching through the links you get delivered to your email to make the right connections.
Linked Lead Ninja understands how to find the right links and make the connections between you and the people that will make your time investment on the website pay off.

Problem #2

You can’t find the right links for your niche


Everyone feels good about the first B2B lead they get on LinkedIn, especially if it proves to be a really good one. The problem is that one lead could easily fall into your lap without any effort on your part. If it did, the odds are not in your favor of landing a second or third one in the same way. Using LinkedIn effectively to grow your B2B leads means taking an active approach to searching and securing leads time after time. The right leads for your niche are out there. You just have to know where to look. 
Taking the time and making the effort to find your target market and to engage with them in a positive way will pay off. It works the first time and it will work again and again. The key to consistency is to know how to accomplish those steps along the way. Linked Lead Ninja can show you the way! Check out our free training and our “Done for You” service and start getting 3 to 5 qualified targeted B2B leads a week, every week!

Problem #3

You can’t keep up with the competition


It seems like every day, you get notices from LinkedIn that your old co-workers or those working for the competition have made lots of new, viable connections. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing everyone around you having better luck than you.
At Linked Lead Ninja, we know luck has nothing to do with it. We offer a real solution that will get results, starting with a complete LinkedIn “Plan of Action.”

Problem #4

You lack consistency in your results


If you have better luck sometimes than others, it’s probably more a matter of chance than skill. The fact is that people successfully use LinkedIn to get leads for all types of businesses. It is the #1 B2B social platform because it works!
If “almost” isn’t good enough, then contact us today. We offer a solution that you can start using right out of the box to achieve real success.
Contact me today for a 15-minute discovery call and start getting the same kind of consistent B2B leads that others get on LinkedIn every day. We will build targeted connections on and off of LinkedIn for you, help set a “Prospecting Plan of Action”, and do a profile makeover to optimize your results.

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