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The secret to attracting more prospects easily through LinkedIn
Tip:   Your connections should be people that want or need the service you provide.
A great way to attract more people to your network is writing engaging or useful posts.
You are probably thinking… “I can’t write, I don’t know how to.”
Well, if you are passionate about your business, and know it well, you will have something to share, and it should not be hard to put into words.
You will have a lot of useful information that you can share.
If you can’t write it yourself you can have someone else write it for you.
There are many talented people (ghost writers) who will write or re-write posts for you.
All you do is give them a list of ideas and they will translate it into engaging content.
When you post regular articles on social media you will become known as an expert on your subject and people will want you in their network.
Furthermore, people viewing your articles will often share your content or recommend you to others.
When this happens some of these followers will turn into clients.
Simply put, writing posts on social media is a great way to attracting clients who want what you offer.
Tip:    As your articles will get better, so your network and followers will increase.
The best part is that when you publish articles you don’t have to chase prospects or cold call people…they come to you.

Joining groups
There are many groups on LinkedIn and you need to find out which groups your target prospects hang out in.
LinkedIn allows you to join up to fifty groups but I suggest you only join four or five and become an active member.
Being an active member means you:
➢ Comment on posts
➢ Join discussions
➢ And post useful information (without spamming or advertising) to the group
When you follow this line of communication you will attract many more prospects into your sales funnel, which will go hand in hand with your other prospecting methods.
And of course, you can have a continuous flow of leads 24/7 with our proven B2B prospecting strategy.

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