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Best Practices for Using LinkedIn for your Business

LinkedIn is a phenomenal tool for any business. In fact, your LinkedIn page is an important part of your overall marketing strategy.  For it to be the most effective and beneficial, you need to use it the right way. If you are going to use social media to help grow your business and make it succeed, you may as well do it the right way. To get you going down the right path, here are some best practices you should implement with your LinkedIn page today.

Keep Your Profile Professional

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is professional in nature. It is imperative that you keep your tone and language professional. You will turn off potential customers if you take too casual of a tone. The language you choose should be polished and should represent your business in a positive light. Save casual-style posts for your personal Facebook page.

Keep Your Page Up-to-Date

If your  company’s LinkedIn page is cluttered with old and out-of-date content, it is not doing you or your company any good. If you do not regularly update your content, potential customers will stop visiting your page to see what you have to offer. If you cannot frequently add a new blog post, then try updating something else on your page that is not so time consuming. The key is to make sure there is always something new with which to engage.  

Lead generation using linkedinOptimize Your Page
Make your LinkedIn page work for your business. Optimize it by adding professional images or logos to help promote your brand and the company as a whole. Also, use the page to inform visitors about company news and updates that will help raise interest in the company. Another part of optimizing your LinkedIn page is to make sure it is SEO-friendly. Google can preview your LinkedIn page in search results. So, be sure to maximize your use of strong keywords and provide concise information.

Share Content

 Use your LinkedIn page to post ebooks, blog posts and other information that is relevant to your company. When followers see the valuable content you provide and engage with it, they will recognize that you are among the leaders in your industry. It will also help you generate leads and increase your social reach as your content spreads.

Sponsor Your Content

Sponsored and organic content can combine to enhance and solidify your marketing strategy. Sponsoring some of the posts on your page will help to make sure that other people see it, even those who do not follow you. It is easy to track conversations for every sponsored post. So, you can run tests to see what your target audience wants to see.

Add Images

Content may be king, but that does not mean you can ignore images and other graphics. Images help make your page stand out among similar businesses in your industry. Your logo and cover image help bring your page to life and make it relatable and inviting. The more your prospective customers engage with your logo and other images, the more likely it will be for them to make an association with them, which will result in more traffic coming to your page.

Be Helpful and Friendly but not Salesy

Whereas your ultimate goal is to sell your product, you do not want your page to be one huge commercial that simply encourages visitors to spend their money. Instead, use this platform to educate them and provide them with helpful information that they can use. When you present information in a helpful manner, your followers will be more apt to buy your products without a hard pitch from you.

Use Headlines and Introductions to Your Advantage

There is an old saying in journalism, “Don’t bury the lead.” That means, create a lead-in to your story that is going to capture the attention of your readers. You need to apply the same concept to the content on your LinkedIn page. Come up with a catchy headline or introductory paragraph that is going to draw in the readers and entice them to read the entire piece. If you are having a difficult time coming up with a catchy headline, consider asking a provocative question that will make your visitors think and wonder about the answer.

Include a Call-to-Action

All the content in the world combined with eye-catching images and awesome headlines will not do any good if they do not prompt those who visit your LinkedIn page to take action. Always include a call-to-action to give your visitors a nudge in the right direction. It can be something as simple as a link to a sign-up page or a suggestion to place a phone call or visit your website.

If you have questions about creating an effective LinkedIn page that will help you grow your business, Contact me today for a 15-minute discovery call and start getting the same kind of consistent B2B leads that others get on LinkedIn every day. We will build targeted connections on and off of LinkedIn for you, help set a “Prospecting Plan of Action”, and do a profile makeover to optimize your results.

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