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Please Contact me, Darren Kurilko, for more information on how Linked Lead Ninja can help you.

“I have been working with Darren Kurilko and LinkedIn Ninja for the past five months. They have quickly become my primary seller lead source. Our original goal was 2 quality leads per year, we surpassed that in the first two months and have continued to up our goal. I couldn’t recommend LinkedIn Ninja strongly enough. If you are a business broker in need of quality seller leads you need to be with LinkedIn Ninja. They far surpass telemarketing and direct mail for quality seller leads and are much more cost effective.”

“Being new to the business broker role I was looking for a different angle than all the other seasoned veterans in my office. Darren and Lead Ninja not only was giving me 3-4 leads per week, but I was able to convert 6 of them in my first 3 weeks using it. It is an unbelievably powerful tool, and the modern age way to do old school mass mailings. It has literally given me more leads in 3 weeks than I expected all year.”

Getting New Business Listings is Essential for a successful “Business Broker”……Right?

If you want more information on how we can help you get more Consistent Business Listings in your back yard or around the globe you need to schedule a time below to chat with me about our Done for You service.

Serious about taking your business to the next level…. schedule time to talk with me now.

We also have Training for Business Brokers available.

We give you all you need to add up to 6+ Listings to your portfolio a year.

Full Scope of Work Here: https://linkedleadninja.com/scope-work
About Me: https://linkedleadninja.com/about

I look forward to it, Please connect with me on LinkedIn:

Thank you
Darren Kurilko | Linked Lead Ninja

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