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Comparison LinkedIn premium vs sales navigator

Not many people do understand the difference between various levels of premium LinkedIn. To begin with, it is important to note that LinkedIn membership is grouped into two types, i.e., free and premium. The premium membership can further be grouped into four other levels; premium career, premium business, sales navigator, and recruiter lite. This article gives a detailed breakdown of LinkedIn premium vs. sales navigator as well as the different tools and features included in each LinkedIn membership.

LinkedIn premium business plus

This premium account offers a one month free trial for the beginners, and after that billing is done annually at a rate of USD 47.99 per month. It also comes with excellent features and tools as listed below.

Who’s viewed my profile?

This section provides a list of every person who happened to view your profile within the last 90 days. It also offers several basic filters at the right-hand side which enables one to tell the companies people who saw the profile came from. The viewer’s job titles as well as the way they found your profile is also indicated.


InMalls allows one to send a message directly to a person who they are not connected to and does not share a group with. They are instrumental when you intend to reach a potential prospect before sending them a connection request.

LinkedIn sales navigator

Sales Navigator is also available for free for the first one month, and after that, you pay USD 64.99 every month when billed annually. Sales navigator professional offers all the benefits, features, and tools that premium business provides, but it has extra features. Below are the additional features available in LinkedIn sales navigator

Advanced sales-specific search tools

This feature allows one to find potential prospects and ideal clients easily. It also enables you to locate all the missing functionality from the old LinkedIn advanced search and more premium filters.

Automatic lead and account recommendations

Suggested accounts and suggested leads available in sales navigator allow you to locate potential prospects very fast. To view leads list recommended by LinkedIn, you only need to click on the suggested leads link found in the navigation menu, which is at the top left corner of the home page.

Notes and tags

Notes and Tags is a common feature for individuals who use LinkedIn for social selling and lead generation. One can import all the old notes and tags, but you must, first of all, save all the connections as leads for you to access them.

Job change alerts

Job change feature enables you to find out immediately when one of the leads changes jobs. This helps determine whom to communicate to in a given company, and it is also a reasonable basis for reaching them and engaging them.

The bottom line

Many people find it challenging to decide which membership level is suitable for them. But with the above comparison, LinkedIn premium vs. sales navigator, you only need to consider the factors relevant to your business and then choose the plan that is best for you. You can visit our website for more information.

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