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Finding Potential B2B Clients and Driving Them to Your Website

You are told that to drive prospects to your website you need keywords in your website source code, and valuable, content-rich information, laced with keywords scattered within your website.
Although this is correct, there are other ways to easily drive targeted prospects to your website, and it does not take up much of your time.
But whichever systems you use to drive traffic to your website, once they arrive, the secret is to keep them there with useful, engaging information.

The next step is to have a strong call to action to convert them into leads and clients.
So, before inviting people to your website or social media platform, you must be ready for them or else they will flee and never come back.
Imagine going to a zoo, and there are no animals, it is the same for your website.

Successful marketers prepare well.
When your prospects arrive, what do they see?
Is it all about you or them?
You see, this is where most people get it wrong; it is all about them.
Your website or social media profile should tell your visitors what is in it for them, not about how good you are.
Every business person is time poor today so don’t waste their time.
Tell them how your product or service will make their life better, and tell them quickly, or they will click away.
In your LinkedIn profile, this information (how you can solve their problem) should be in your “summary” first.
Further down your profile, you can show them how your product/service has helped others and follow up with testimonials and recommendations.
By following this guideline, you will hold your reader longer, and hopefully, convert them into hot leads.
Ok, with that out of the way let’s start with attracting prospects to your LinkedIn profile and in turn to your website.
If you have prepared your profile well, many prospects will find you through the LinkedIn search engine.
But if you want to super charge your prospecting efforts, you will need something like a “Done for You” Linked Lead Ninja Package

This automated system
will search and invite your ideal leads to join your LinkedIn network.

Furthermore, it will educate and engage them about your offering, and drive them to your website, optimized LinkedIn profile, phone, and email using “written for you” customized messaging.


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