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If you’re a business to business (B2B) company and you need tips on your LinkedIn game, follow the example of these four companies.

This article examines the LinkedIn profiles of four B2B companies. We’ll talk about who these businesses are and what makes their LinkedIn pages work so well. See what they’re doing right and how you might use these approaches in your company.

Can you think of a B2B company that we missed? Feel free to leave you opinion in the comments below.

Four B2B Companies with Great LinkedIn Pages

  1. General Electric (GE)

You might not associate one of the oldest utility companies in the world with their innovative and interesting LinkedIn page.

GE releases videos that talk about the projects people don’t usually think of them for – like their collaborations with Dr. Seuss, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Rockwell, and Claudia Meyer.

Videos like these are supplemented with career opportunities, employee profiles and industry discussions. One of the most intriguing discussions that GE hosted was about using holograms to explore life on Mars.

What Can Your Company Learn from GE? Content is the best way to raise your company profile. It’s not just talking about the B2B services you can provide, it’s about showing your thinking in action. Also, videos and entertaining + educational content is more likely to get shared across multiple platforms, and lead back to your company website.


  1. Adobe

A name synonymous with creative tools in video, photo and design, Adobe’s LinkedIn page is a hub for creativity.

Daily, the creative employees at Adobe share a new video on their LinkedIn page. These videos give insight to the people that work at Adobe and shows their customers the type of work they do

What Can Your Company Learn from Adobe? Adobe features visual content – as it should, seeing that’s the business they’re in. For Adobe, it’s leadership by example. When Adobe was named one of The 40 Best Workplaces in Technology 2018 by Fortune, they released a video thanking their employees for the honor. Rather than taking the glory as a brand name, they’d rather showcase their talent. Not only does this make Adobe look down-to-earth, it’s also a great recruiting tool.



  1. Evernote

This computer software company may be one of the smaller businesses on our list, but Evernote’s attention to their LinkedIn community is unmatched.

Evernote and their employees play an active role in the discussions on their LinkedIn Groups. Instead of just selling their services on LinkedIn, the company uses their group pages as one part community forum and one part troubleshooting message board.

What Can Your Company Learn from Evernote? You don’t need to be an expert to answer every question, and you certainly don’t need the answer to start a discussion. By hosting a community of thinkers and conversationalists, you can create a secondary destination associated with your brand. Find a “home” for people think and trade ideas and you’ll always be a conversation away from your audience.

  1. Mashable

This media company specializes in bite-size news, media and entertainment pieces for the internet. So, why would their LinkedIn page be any different?

Along with cross-posting their visual catalog of content to their LinkedIn Feed, Mashable focuses on content that relates to other business professionals. They share content like how to succeed in business without becoming a workaholic or a story about a travel photographer that never left home.

What Can Your Company Learn from Mashable? Feature the thing that you do best and connect stories to the work that you do. Mashable is a content company that reposts their most relevant content onto LinkedIn. Their videos and photos are made to be watched as part of your internet experience. It’s a natural extension for their brand to offer this content to one of their more specific sets of viewers – business professionals.


Get The Most From Your LinkedIn Game

We hope this article gives you some ideas on how to position your B2B company for success on LinkedIn.

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