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LinkedIn is a leading and the largest professional network around the globe that has helped many people to establish a business community. One can join the network as a basic or premium member depending on priorities needed. Once an account is created the next step is to get audiences. Building a community and relationships is what makes the network interactive since you can reach them for target product marketing. Nevertheless, building custom audiences is now a more important task for marketing and advertising purposes. For a particular product, not all people in the LinkedIn community will be interested in it even those that are socially connected with you. When LinkedIn is put into good use the results are great for your business. Therefore let’s focus on the issue; ‘How can I upload custom audiences in LinkedIn?’ with targeting by skills, company, industry, titles and many more.

Firstly, LinkedIn has created marketing solutions that target custom audiences with interests to a particular product. We shall use these guidelines at where there is campaign manager section and learn on uploading custom audiences. Once there, select the account to customize audiences on then upon login choose website demographics then click create audience. On the popup screen that appears, fill in the name of audience suited for you. Enter the website that you want to re-target the visitors and see analytics, you can also add 1 more webpage, see more guidelines on audience filters at Once you click on ‘save’ button you will receive an HTML tag that you will copy and paste on your site or alternatively send it to your email then click next. This will help people visiting your website to build you an audience.

Another method is by uploading list audiences just click on the button, where you can upload email or accounts contacts where they can be uploaded up to 300,000 companies or accounts. Click on upload a list, a popup screen will appear that needs you to fill account list or upload your file of contacts then click next. You also use connect to data integration button to import email contacts, once clicked, on the small popup screen select LinkedIn matched audiences then click create button. Authorize this by entering your LinkedIn credentials then click allow and they will be automatically uploaded within 24 hours.

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