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LinkedIn currently is at a user base of 562 million that are spread across 200 countries of the globe. Trusted as a hub of networking and outreaching activities of business fraternity and professionals, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to expand the network for professional growth.

LinkedIn was primarily designed to be used as just a networking platform for professionals. With changes in the landscape of social networking, LinkedIn is now also being used to drive business now a days and that is why many LinkedIn Consulting and Strategies organizations are helping business to optimize their LinkedIn profiles.

The contacts and data generated on LinkedIn is a very important asset for an individual or an organization.

Sometimes a need may arise to export the LinkedIn contacts to excel for building an email campaign for promotion, subscriptions or newsletters. If you are a frequent user of LinkedIn, you may wish to get in touch with the LinkedIn contacts over Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or more which will require you to export the contacts to Excel.

Well, as intuitive as LinkedIn is, it has made it quite easy to export the contacts in an easy and secure way. Though there has been a change to the process since 2016. Here is the latest method to export LinkedIn contacts to Excel.

How do I export LinkedIn contacts to excel?

To get all the LinkedIn contacts in excel, you need to get the .CSV file from your LinkedIn profile. The .CSV file is imported into Excel and the contact data can be used easily.

Step 1
Login to your LinkedIn account and go to the LinkedIn homepage

Step 2
Click on the me tab

Step 3
Under ACCOUNT Click on “Setting & Privacy” it will divert you to the ACCOUNT page

Step 4
Click on Privacy tab just next to ACCOUNT

Step 5
Scroll down till you see “Download your Data”.

You will see options like Articles, Connections, Imported Contacts, Message, Invitations, Profile, Recommendations, and Registration.

For downloading Contact data, you need to choose Connections and click “Request Archive”.

You will be promoted to enter your primary email id password. It will take around 10 minutes till you receive the .CSV file in your primary mail id.

Step 6
Save the .CSV file and secure it.

Step 7
Launch Excel in your system and go to DATA tab and select “From Text”.

Browse the location of .CSV file and click on Get Data.

Make sure the below settings are followed

• Delimited by Characters such as Comma or tabs must be selected
• Start import row must be set to 1
• File origin – Unicode (UTF-8)

Click next and choose the delimiter as Comma.

Click next and select data format as Text.

Click Finish and save the excel file.

The database of contact is now easy and more organized to be used in business development. If you feel that you have less connections on LinkedIn and need to upscale it, we at Linked Lead Ninja can help you optimize your profile to garner higher ranking and more attention. Our services help you implement the strategies on your LinkedIn profile that are yet to be discovered by you. LinkedIn is an investment for future. You need to nurture it by building connections and creating an impressive profile that can play a pivotal role. Connect with our LinkedIn experts now.

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