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Reading this article will teach you how to export LinkedIn contacts as phone numbers for Microsoft Excel.

You can export all of your LinkedIn connections, no matter when you made them, at any time.

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Here are the steps you need to follow:

• Click on the “ME” tab on your LinkedIn homepage
• Click on “Settings & Privacy” on the drop-down menu.
• Click on “Privacy” at the top of the page
• Bellow the “How LinkedIn uses your data” tab, click “Change”, a button that’s next to “Download your data”.
• LinkedIn will direct you to their “Download your data” page, where you will be able to select the Connections you want to export.
• Now LinkedIn will email you at the address you have signed into the site. The mail will include a link that allows you to download your list connections.

LinkedIn will give you the connections in a CSV format or a vCard format. These are readable via Microsoft Excel, however, they don’t support extended characters such as Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, or Japanese.

You can only export contacts that are 1st-degree connections. Also, if you a second account, you can import your connections to this secondary LinkedIn account by uploading the CSV file.

Connection degrees on LinkedIn

Your connections within the network are made of 1st to 3rd-degree connections. 1st degree is people you know because either you have accepted their invitation to connect or they have accepted yours. You can see a 1st-degree icon on their name when you search their profile and you can contact them with a LinkedIn message.

2nd-degree connections are people connected to your 1st-degree contacts. Likewise, you can see the 2nd-degree icon on their name. And 3rd-degree connections are people connected to your 2nd-degree profiles. Their profile will also have the 3rd-degree icon.

Remember you can only connect with people if their full name is displayed on their profile.

How to import contacts to LinkedIn

Additionally, you can import contacts to LinkedIn using a CSV file. Let’s start assuming you want to import from Gmail. Here are the steps:

• Log in on Gmail and click Contacts.
• Click on the dropdonw menu on the top left corner.
• Select “Export”.
• Select which contacts to export with the option “What contacts do you want to export”?
• Download the contacts as a CSV file and save it on your computer.

As for Hotmail, here’s what you need to do:

• Log in and click “Contacts”
• Choose the option “Hotmail Contacts” on the upper side of the page.
• Select “Export” and download it as a CSV file.

And finally, to import a CSV file of connections to LinkedIn, follow these steps:

• Log in to LinkedIn and go to your homepage.
• Click on “My Network” tab at the top of the page.
• On the left of the “Network” page, click on “More Options”.

Now you will see a page that allows you to import connections from different options, like a Hotmail, an Outlook, or a Gmail. On the options on the right, select “Upload file” and search for the CSV file you have on your computer.

Then, just press “Upload the File”. The file might be .CSV, .TXT or .VCF.

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