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How do I Export LinkedIn Messages?

Business and employment services platform LinkedIn is the Internet’s favorite way of professional networking. The concept behind the app is painstakingly simple –to encourage employees or would-be employees to upload their resume and personal achievements to be reviewed by potential employers. Simple enough, this process has since attracted over 500 million profiles to be created on both website and app! However, the question has to be asked –what of the users who want tor grow outside of LinkedIn? To start up their own businesses, but are in dire need of contacts to grow?

Of course you can always refer back to the platform to keep on sourcing for potential clients/consumers –but since their growth, LinkedIn has since introduced a new way of saving records of all messages recorded. The option to save messages on your desktop is now a feature available throughout the website; and is a great tool to be used by many entrepreneurs to build support from the ground up.

For starters, it is important to understand the features behind LinkedIn’s messaging system before getting started. LinkedIn’s Messaging enables a user to communicate virtually with other members (employees/employers) for free. This also counts group pages and members from the group –which are called 1st degree connections. There is the option of sharing messages with multiple recipients, forwarding and emailing directly if need be. Sending messages are irreversible, but you are also presented with the option of leaving or muting conversations that you have no used for. Now that you’re all caught up, how do I export linkedin messages? The first step is to:-

• Go to your homepage – There should be a bar on your top right hand corner that would feature the “Me” category.

• Head on over to Settings & Privacy –To open your account preferences.

• Scroll down – Go all the way down until you reach the option of “Getting an archive of your data”. Right under this tab, there should be a download option to click on. Once clicked, there might be a another window popping up, but don’t worry –this is to just confirm your password! The file should immediately start it’s download. Some users report getting an email from LinkedIn as well, complete with a link to download the file as well. Either way, the document would be the same.

• You should come up with a folder – After the download, you should then have received a folder with the complete history of your LinkedIn profile. Messages, Contacts, Invitations, Positions, Publications –the works basically. Your entire LinkedIn family tree until that point of download would be laid out in said folder; normally under (.csv) Excel spreadsheet. You can now browse through messages received and the emails from your contacts if need be to start your networking!

Even if you’re not interested in starting a business, you should definitely export LinkedIn messages on a regular basis. This isn’t just for self-preservation; but to build your own personal portfolio and to have some sort of work history to show at your next job!

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