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LinkedIn is a professional network which focuses on B2B interaction and that may not be possible without LinkedIn groups. If you participate in a group, it will enable you to show off your expertise about a subject and start to grow valuable relationships with like-minded people. With that said, let’s delve in and take a closer look at how LinkedIn group works. Here’s what you need to know.

What is A LinkedIn Group?

A LinkedIn group is a virtual meeting room (or forum) for people with similar interests. They can post or hold conversations on topics or issues they want to learn about or share with others. Learn more at

How does it Work Exactly?

There are myriad of groups on LinkedIn. You will have to join a group to participate in it. After joining a group, you can reach out to members of that group. Also, members of a group receive email notifications about new posts from the group. This creates a unique opportunity for you to use the email list to share your content with its members or you can decide to create a LinkedIn group. You will be come the owner of this group and be the one to manage the group. You could assign the task to professionals whose business it is to manage LinkedIn groups; or other members who can also manage it for you. So if you have an audience you want to discuss, interact, or engage with, chances are that they are already in LinkedIn groups.

How to Join LinkedIn Groups?

All you have to do is to is to run a search for groups in the left-hand navigation of the “Group You May Like” section, or you could click on the “Group tab” and select then select “Group You May Like.” You will see a list of a suggested group and sub-groups based on your profile information.

How to Create a LinkedIn Group?

To create a new group, do the following:

  • Go to your main LinkedIn group page
  • On the right side of this page, you will see a “Create a new group button”
  • Fill in the information required
  • Click on “Create.” That’s it.

Useful Tips to Remember before you Participate in Groups

Here are some useful tips you should not forget.

  • Answer relevant questions. It is a great way to show-off your expertise. And do not forget to ask questions too. Remember, it is a forum created for like-minded people.
  • Do not over promote. The reason for posting content on the site is to get more people to read it. So it is tempting to spread your contents aggressively since it will create more exposure. This could be ineffective as it gets sent to the promotion tab. That is why it is always good to remember your core objective – built valuable relationships. So do not use words like, “i,” “me,” or “my” too often if you think the promotion tab is a bad idea.
  • Extend your relationships. Since you are building a valuable relationship with people who also have active accounts on other social media sites like Facebook, for example, you should consider reaching out to them on these sites too. They would know it’s a great idea to connect with you.

In all, LinkedIn group provides a place for many professionals (and others) with similar interests (or in the same industry) to share their experiences and insights, build valuable connections and also ask for insights. And if you need professional help with building, managing LinkedIn groups, or any other related problems you are experiencing, do not hesitate to ask for help from Linked Lead Ninja visit. Contact us right now as we are available 24/7 to help solve any complicated issues you may have. We hope this information helped you with how LinkedIn group works

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