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How do Linkedin hashtags work?

LinkedIn aims at becoming the dominant social network for professionals, and the database of the platform is growing bigger every day. This massive growth has created the need to categorize better, organize and filter content. Hashtags are the best and the easiest way to do that.

What Exactly Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are words or phrases with # in front of them. These are simple phrases of keywords that your industry uses when they are sharing content on social media. In most cases, they are related to your industry, job function or in some cases both.

How do hashtags work on LinkedIn?

Use of LinkedIn hashtags helps you in increasing your LinkedIn reach and enables you to get your updates in front of people outside your immediate network without needing to be connected, getting comments or getting likes on your update status. This leads to great brand awareness for your company and personal brand on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn hashtags is one of the best ways to increase your audience on LinkedIn and here is how you can take advantage of them.

Start Using LinkedIn Hashtags In Your Status Updates

The best step is to start weaving these hashtags into your status updates because you might annoy some of your audience if you do not integrate them on LinkedIn. It is essential to put3-5 hashtags in every status updates to get your audience accustomed to them.

Include Hashtags Into Your LinkedIn Profile Especially Your Summary And/or Headline

The best and easiest way to achieve this is to turn the words on your LinkedIn summary to keywords. However, do not use too many hashtags on the profile to ensure that your profile flow. These hashtags help you be found in Linked In search by prospective buyers when they are looking for someone doing exactly what you do.

Start Using Hashtags With Your LinkedIn Pulse Articles

To get your article read to a broad audience on LinkedIn, you have to use all the tactics right. Integrate hashtags into the body of your pulse articles or alternatively list them as keywords at the bottom of your article. It is also essential to include those hashtags in the status update that shares your pulse article when you post it on LinkedIn.

Make Sure To Add Hashtags To Your LinkedIn Company Pages

Always incorporate hashtags into your company pages and more importantly on the About us section. This is even easier when you integrate hashtags of your specialties and including them at the bottom of the about us section.

Add Hashtags To Your Comments On Other People’s Status Updates

It is important to note that, when you are commenting on other people’s status updates, you are creating a stronger network. You just need to put together hashtags to ensure that your comments aids in categorizing status updates on LinkedIn. This is a simple way of ensuring your name is associated with particular LinkedIn hashtags that you would want to associate with.

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It is apparent that LinkedIn hashtags play a significant role when it comes to reaching and building a stronger customer base on your LinkedIn platform. Contact us today and learn more about how effectively LinkedIn hashtags work.


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