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LinkedIn launched its publishing website in 2015. Today, almost 320 million people are accessing it. The move was to make users spend additional time on the site and was also an attempt to gather more page views. This publishing site can allow a user to share his opinion and views on different topics and become an influencer in his respective field. Each year, this platform prints top voices lists of influencers who have high commitment. However, you don’t have to be a world-famous CEO or a prime minister to create your status of hold on this site. So, how do you become LinkedIn influencer? Below are the ways on how to become an influencer on LinkedIn.

Curate and share exceptional content
It requires effort to gain an influencer standing on LinkedIn. You’ll have to create time in generating new content and sharing other users’ content that’s appropriate to your trade. As you do this, it will aid you in developing influence, and you won’t have to sell your services or products because your content will slowly begin executing it for you. However, you won’t see a considerable rise in connections and followers as you produce your first post. It will need some perseverance and patience.

Create long-form content
Try and provide original content apart from sharing the curated one. Generally, all first posts in LinkedIn are usually over three hundred and fifty words. However, you should attempt publishing longer posts of between six hundred and a thousand words, since it will offer you a chance to share your skills on a given topic. Any post that you’ll generate will show on your profile. Thus it’s essential to have a well-structured and well-written post. You’ll also need to be proactive and engage with others by commenting on their published posts and responding on their remarks to your posts.

Earn and develop your followers
While you may feel the need to link with many people, you should keep in mind that it’s always better to have a selected group of followers. The LinkedIn site offers you a chance to get followers and follow others publishing on the network. This can let you associate with users interested in the same topic as you.

Build trust
Your initial step to influencer ranking is to make sure that your profile’s essential elements are there. These include a photograph, background on your expert affiliations, experience, and a well-written bio spelling out who you’re and what you do. These particulars will tell people who you’re and why they should believe in what you say.

As you make the right connections and grow your fans through your content, you’ll get into LinkedIn influencer program, and if you work on these points mentioned above, you’ll have an opportunity to be asked by LinkedIn to be an influencer on their site. For that, if you have a business that’s looking for LinkedIn consistent leads I recommend you to visit It’s a platform where you’ll be guided on ways on how do you become LinkedIn influencer to deliver essential leads to your business.

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