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So you’ve decided to tweak your existing LinkedIn account! Maybe, you’ve tried all the features of the basic plan and wish to upgrade to enjoy premium features. Perhaps, you want to take your LinkedIn network to a new level through a premium account. No matter the reason, a premium account presents many additional features that are not present in the basic plan. So how do you get LinkedIn premium? Here’s a solution to your answer.

Types of LinkedIn premium accounts

Let’s say that you have a free plan and wish to choose one of the paid LinkedIn plans. LinkedIn provides four different types of premium accounts with additional benefits and features. Each of these plans is geared to meet the specific needs of end users.

Career plan

A career plan is a paid account designed for job seekers. This plan lets you contact hiring managers in order to be considered for a position. Additionally, the plan tells you just how you compare with other applicants. It also teaches you newer skills that’ll help to further your career.

Business plan

It’s another paid account meant for business professionals. The business plan provides 15 InMail messages, which allows you to get in touch with people not in your LinkedIn network. It also lets you find out who has discovered your profile and in what way. You can get comprehensive details of a company and view innumerable profiles. In addition to this, the plan allows you to tap the benefits of online video courses and compares you with other applications in the same niche.

Sales plan

This is an ideal paid account for sales professionals. As well as offering 15 InMail messages, the plan lets you contact people who are not in your LinkedIn network. You also get to know who has viewed your profile. Most importantly, the sales plan allows you to view innumerable profiles, helps you get valuable insight into your potential leads and sales accounts. You could also search and save the profiles of the decision makers of companies.

Hiring plan

Finally, you have the hiring plan for hiring professionals. It offers 30 InMail messages and allows you to know potential applicants who’ve checked your profile. With this premium plan, you also get an advanced search option to find potential candidates and view innumerable profiles. Above all, the hiring plan recommends potential candidates and helps to track as well as manage job candidates.

Steps to upgrade to a premium account

To upgrade your account, sign in to your LinkedIn account. Click the link (in the upper right-hand corner of the LinkedIn homepage) that states Start One Month Premium Trial.

Once you click this link, a page will come up and list the four plans as discussed above. Press the Select Plan button for the plan you wish. After checking the features of the plan, click the link Start My Free Month button.

Type in your LinkedIn password and verify your account. Next, enter your payment method. Fill out the payment details regarding PayPal or credit card as the case may be and click the start your free trial button. The first month of usage is free and you may cancel at any time. If you continue, you’ll be charged each month.

Trying the premium features of LinkedIn is a fantastic way to land jobs, find clients or job applicants. Just follow the above process to upgrade to a premium plan. If you feel uncomfortable to handle these chores, turn to a reliable expert such as and enjoy the perks of upgrading and using premium LinkedIn features.

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