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What is Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is one of  LinkedIn’s premiums services options. It is cheap to upgrade your account and have access to many tools purposely for sales and marketing. It gives marketers more user details and an advanced search and also filtering options and this enables you to find more relevant and qualified prospects for the business. Every marketer knows how challenging it is to reach the right people. Continue reading to find out how do you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

1) Take Time To Set Up Your Account.

Initially, when you log into your account, you will have the option to set the target preferences, for example, the regions, verticals and job titles you wish to target. Likewise, you have an option to save your current LinkedIn connection as leads. In this beginning process, one can likewise sync with their Salesforce account and import their accounts and contacts and also see organizations that the sales navigator recommends for you. You should take time to do this process and provide all the necessary information.

2. Find and Save The Right Leads.

After setting your preference, you can now look for new prospects and save them for future reference. This is easy, you simply have to click the search bar found at the top of the page. For an advanced search filter click on the Lead Builder. The lead builder lets you search for the job titles or companies and use the different filters to clarify your search. Once you have searched for the prospects and found the relevant ones, save them as leads by clicking the save as leads button.

3. Make Use Of TeamLink.

TeamLink is only accessible through the somewhat more costly option of the team account which only permits 30 inMail messages every month (Instead of 15 with a professional account). The main advantage of TeamLink is that it lets you tap into prospects that meet your searching criteria and likewise share acquaintance with you, either first or even second-degree. The filtering option, in this case, helps you locate an ideal route to somebody you would like to meet by displaying to you the best path to an introduction. The paths can be via your direct connections and via individuals in your sales team, even if you are not directly connected.

4. Tag You Prospects.

After you start building a list of your prospects, the best way to stay in touch with them is tagging them. Add tags and also leave notes in all the leads in your account, and generate custom tags that align your terminology. After you have identified important contacts, you may tag them by their role and leave your notes. It is a very useful but often neglected feature which offers the best way to track your activities and identify special tactics or objectives for various contacts.

5. Install The Mobile App.

It is good to download the mobile app since you will not be at your desk all the times. With the mobile app, you will receive updates about the saved account and leads. This is vital since you will not miss a chance to connect with a prospect at vital or relevant times.T he above are some ways on how to effectively use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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