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As you already know, creating and using a account is something that is free to do. However, LinkedIn offers a ‘Premium’ service, where you have to pay to get additional features, but is this sufficient to pay its bills? So, that got you wondering how LinkedIn makes money from a free service, didn’t that? Read on for the explanation.


How does LinkedIn make money?
LinkedIn earns a major bulk of its money through two principal ways. One is the advertising feature, where companies pay a considerable sum of money to get their “sponsored ads” show up on user’s feeds more often; the other way is through selling subscriptions for professional business development tools, which is known as the ‘LinkedIn Premium’ facility.

Among the greatly beneficial LinkedIn Premium packages, two of the most profitable and popular ones collect and sell information about users to businesses seeking to recruit employees or to sales professionals searching for new clients for their products. They are the “Sales Navigator” and “Recruiter Lite” packages.
LinkedIn also makes money from investors who help to get the company off the ground, and also from investors who have bought company shares on the stock market.

How can we help?
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That’s a quick overview on ‘how does LinkedIn make money’ and on how your business can benefit through its exclusive features! Thus, it is certainly possible for you to gear up your business to its next level with the power and expanding influence of the LinkedIn platform.

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