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How Does the LinkedIn Algorithm Work in 2020?

With LinkedIn, you can either love it and use it daily or may or may not have a CV uploaded there and not use it ever. If you belong to the second group, please bear in mind that LinkedIn is a powerful tool and in 2020 it will become all the more significant, which, if used correctly, can help in B2B lead generation. LinkedIn, with its new and improved algorithm, has made the social media platform a bit more social. Thus you need to know how the LinkedIn algorithm works in 2020.


  • Be the conversation starter rather than being a twisted conversation starter – the most significant change to the LinkedIn algorithm in 2020. Post content on the platform that ignites conversation. LinkedIn is your professional Facebook, thus voice your opinion on industry trends, share news and matters related to your industry and also comment on content in the hashtags that you follow.


  • Hashtags are trending- just like Twitter or Instagram, the hashtags of LinkedIn have grown immensely talented. Follow hashtags that are associated with your industry or profession and break news associated with your industry. Use apt hashtags that connect well with LinkedIn users. As per the algorithms of 2020, if you use hashtags for your content, it will reach more people. The algorithm works to use hashtags to see their posts in the feeds. Here the posts come out after the best social media consultancy to manage the platforms and reach new people.


  • Constant changes- apart from initiating a conversation, LinkedIn in 2020 now presents better options to display your content. This implies that you can go live with your content, share a post, or publish an article, or add more photos to the same article. Include all on the company page and make the page to be responsive. The page should be easy to access from mobile also. Also, one can tag people on a particular picture. Thus you will be able to reach other networks. Interestingly the people whom you have tagged can share content on the pic so divided, and this will help in reaching a new audience.


  • Let LinkedIn do all the major hard work: LinkedIn is a business page. It implies that it is a professional, but then also it will now suggest content for you. LinkedIn has a significant algorithm; with hashtags, it can help you to find interesting materials from the third party and are it on your page to start the conversion.


Express yourself- LinkedIn now has different ways of expressing emotions. Therefore, now with a simple like or love or a round of applause, you can use the emotions to express yourself.

Move ahead and enjoy the new algorithm of 6, 2020. The algorithm has evolved in recent years and has beautifully merged to the concept of being a professional yet social platform. LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform in the best way to generate leads. If you want to know more about How Does the LinkedIn Algorithm Work in 2020?   Get in touch with us.

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