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How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise Works?

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is a premium feature on the platform that enables businesses to generate more leads. It does this by allowing them to find and connect with their target audience seamlessly. Sales Navigator is one of the best versions of LinkedIn for anybody with an interest in sales prospecting.

Available in three versions, i.e. Professional, Team and Enterprise, Sales Navigator is pricey, especially in the case of small businesses. However, LinkedIn offers a 30-day free trial to let you assess whether the feature is a worthy investment or not.

The Enterprise edition is an excellent option for high-powered organizations. Let’s take a look at how LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise works.

Features of Sales Navigator Enterprise

  1. 1. 50 InMail Messages a Month

InMails are simply private messages that you send directly to other LinkedIn members, including those you’re not connected to. They are only available to LinkedIn premium account and Sales Navigator members, and there’s a limit to the amount you can send out monthly based on your account type.

The Sales Navigator Enterprise edition comes with 50 InMails per month. That is more than with Professional (20 InMails) and Team (30 InMails) accounts. If used correctly, InMails are undoubtedly one of the most efficient prospecting features you can use to generate leads or engage other parties of interest.

  1. 2. TeamLink Extend

Another valuable feature is the TeamLink Extend, which allows you to reach every other user who has a Sales Navigator account. That means if you are a member of a team of 10 people, you can get an introduction to anybody else who is linked to your 9 team members.

Each Enterprise edition has 1,000 TeamLink Extend seats. With TeamLink Extend, everybody at your company or organization can “opt in”, and if they do, you will get access to your whole firm’s collective network.

  1. 3. PointDrive Integration

LinkedIn’s PointDrive app enables you to bundle presentations, data, and other media into a neat and mobile-friendly format. The app has now been integrated into the Enterprise and Team editions at no extra cost.

Enterprise account holders can create an unlimited number of PointDrive presentations. On the other hand, Team account holders can make only 10 presentations per seat monthly.

  1. 4. CRM Integration

The CRM Integration tool makes it possible for you to integrate your account on LinkedIn with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce (which are popular CRM platforms).

That means you can accomplish your tasks effortlessly without needing to toggle back and forth between Sales Navigator Enterprise and CRM systems.

  1. 5. Campaign Manager

Any marketer who uses the LinkedIn Campaign Manager tool to run advertisement campaigns is now able to accurately target accounts and leads with Sales Navigator.

When you sign in to Campaign Manager you’ll notice two new categories: Sales Navigator Leads and Sales Navigator Accounts (for companies).

Marketers can easily choose an ad creative, a budget, and a timeline. Their ads are then shown directly to the target leads and/or companies.

Lookalike modeling is yet another feature that allows a marketer to target new audiences who have the same behavior as their existing clients and prospects. The ad groups update on a daily basis, becoming more accurate in the long-run.


The updates made to Sales Navigator through the Enterprise edition have made this LinkedIn platform a more powerful tool for online sellers. Generate more leads and build more relationships for your business by signing up for the Sales Navigator Enterprise today!
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