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How to Add Interest in LinkedIn?

The usage of LinkedIn is increasing day by day. Individuals as well as companies use this social network to connect with each other and sell products to B2B clients. However, some folks are able to make the best use of their LinkedIn profile than others. One important option to enhance your visibility and get more connectivity on LinkedIn is your interests. Even popular social media marketing companies such as recommends adding interests to your profile. Here’s how to add interest in LinkedIn?

LinkedIn how to add interests

Remember people or companies do business with people. When you talk to one another, you’ve certain things in common. Your likes and dislikes go a long way in bridging relationship wiath others. Whether you wish to befriend others or intend to make sales, you need something that will steer the attention of targeted individuals. That’s what is called interest. Interest lets you build your relationship on LinkedIn too. Here are simple tips on adding interests to your profile.

Open your LinkedIn account

While you might have added some information such as your name and your occupation, you need to add something more. Click the section – Additional Information – that appears on the top side of your profile. You may even click on View More to find this section.

Scroll to Interest

Move to Interests and click the link Add Interests. On clicking, the Interest Section shows up on the profile within the section – Additional Information. Scroll to this Additional Information Section and hover the mouse over the Interest area. Click the pencil icon to enter into the edit mode.

Type your interests

Click the mouse within the text field. Now enter your interest. Type what you prefer in the text field. When you type your interests, separate each individual term with a comma. LinkedIn automatically connects your interests to profiles that embody those words (interests). Separating interests with commas lets the LinkedIn network know what words need to be hyperlinked. If you fail to include commas, the whole phrase will be hyperlinked connecting you to nobody.

Use Interest

Now that you’ve added interests in your profile, you can discover other professionals sharing similar interests. Here’s how to do that.

Open your profile and click the view profile (blue) button. Now your profile appears as a connection. Move on to the Interest area in the section – Additional Information. Now click any hyperlinked interest. You’ll be immediately taken to profiles containing common interests.

Depending on your intentions, you may connect and share common content or build a long-term relationship for future sales. No matter your plans, be sure you start slow and build a healthy relationship before getting to your main intent.

Bottom line

LinkedIn lets you team up with like-minded folks and accomplish your objectives. Whether you wish to share information or want to find jobs/customers, the network allows you to fulfil your goals. However, you should optimize your LinkedIn profile for better results by adding interests. Follow the above process, in order to understand how to add interests in LinkedIn and adopt effective tactics to increase your LinkedIn visibility.

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