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How to avoid simple mistakes while promoting in LinkedIn

Now that you have a profile on LinkedIn, and have uploaded your logo, you need to promote your business on the professional networking site. However, it may seem to be very simple that a website, which is this popular, will get you extensive work, but it is not so. LinkedIn has its mission “connect the world’s professionals to allow them to be more productive and successful.” Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid while promoting your website on LinkedIn:

  1. Don’t talk only about yourself: the sole aim of LinkedIn is to promote your business, but then don’t only talk about yourself. LinkedIn is a platform where the professionals come to do business, learn, interact, and contribute to the community. Share tips or ask questions in the group about relevant matters; this helps the community to grow and also create a positive impact on your company.
  2. Asking your connections to “like” your Facebook page- this is a very grave mistake that most of the businesses often commit. Do not ask your random errors to ask for “likes” on your Facebook page or to “follow” on the Twitter handle. It will make you look needy and greedy, and it is not a positive sign. It will create a negative impact as professionals will not appreciate or want to interact with someone needy.
  3. The company page shouldn’t resemble your resume: the company page on LinkedIn should not resemble your personal profile and achievements. Your page should point out ways in which your company can help its potential consumers. Let your potential consumers know the reasons as to why they need your services. The summary of your company should have search engine optimized keywords so that your page appears organically in the list of search engines.
  4. Not updating the page regularly- your LinkedIn company page should have useful information for the users so that they are interested in reading the information and would like to come back to the page for more details. Announce important details on the webpage, discuss interesting facts, respond to feedback, news related to the industry, and at times also share links created by others; thus, the audience will be engrossed in your page.
  5. Not paying attention to people- LinkedIn is a page where people interact and voice their opinions or issues, thus always listen to them and not ignore what they are saying. Use the platform for your benefit. Listen to what people are saying about your brand or product. If there are any negative feedbacks, then try to sort it out, and if there are positive responses, then be thankful for it.

Avoiding the above mistakes on LinkedIn will help you to get the benefits from it to the full potential. LinkedIn is a highly efficient professional networking platform and can help you to grow your business if you don’t end up making these mistakes. Maintain a professional tone while interacting and see your company blooming. Let us know if you want to know more about how to avoid simple mistakes while promoting in LinkedIn?


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