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How to convert casual conversations to a sales pitch in LinkedIn

A common myth that prevails in the world of sales is that the best way to cultivate a prospect or sales lead is to start with a sales pitch. The sales pitch has two parts:


  • Description of the product and its benefits
  • Attempting to get the prospective customer to either buy the product or agree to the appointment.


A sales pitch will do no good for you in selling the offering as it is full of the information and asks for commitment. The sales pitch thus gets overwhelming. Therefore the best way is to start with a simple casual conversation. Once you have begun the casual conversation, try to convert it into a sales pitch.


A sales pitch starts with your intention of selling the product, and this exhausts the prospective buyers, and they hang up with the ‘not interested’ tag. If you keep the conversation engaging by asking about their experiences and suggestions, there will be a chance of your offering being considered. Don’t overflow the prospect with information, as these will bore them.


The same concept applies to mails also. If you fill your mail with information, it will be overlooked. However, if you ask the customers about their way of working and other stuff it will attract the customers and the conversation will proceed.


Therefore the best way to convert a casual conversation into sales is as follows:


  • Build connection: try to build a relationship with the buyer. Let the buyer know how can you help them. Be likeable and build a relationship, as people prefer to buy things from the people whom they like. If you can successfully build the relationship, your sales conversations will go very smoothly.
  • Uncover the aspirations- you make fruitful sales conversations; it is important that you ask questions to uncover the pain of the prospect. It would help if you understand the need and pain of the prospect. Talk to the prospect to know about their goals and aspirations, and then explain to them how your product can help them realize their dreams.
  • State clearly about the impact of the product- if the prospect is not convinced with your business idea, they will not buy the product. Therefore it is required that you satisfy the prospect regarding the value of their product.
  • Show them the better picture- now that you are aware of their pain and goals and convinced them to buy the product now show them the better view, or the nice change that the product will bring in their life. If you can help them to visualize a better picture, they will be convinced to buy the product.
  • Balance- the sales conversation should have a perfect balance where you listen to the prospect and then answer to their queries. If you do only the talking part, you will miss the sale.
  • Build trust- the buyer must trust you and the claims made by you only then they will buy the product.


LinkedIn is no different it is just based on simple human psychology to make your casual conversation and convert it into sales. If you need information on how to convert casual conversations to a sales pitch in LinkedIn? get in touch with us.


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