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Just like selling a product to potential customers, one needs to consider their LinkedIn profile as a website to sell himself as a brand, convincing potential employers/buyers as to why you are the best in the market. Why is this important? Your profile is going to make the first best impression of you. If your LinkedIn profile fails to do so, it will become difficult to engage a connection with the viewers.

Here are some key tips that can be followed to create an appealing LinkedIn profile:

  • Professional photo: Having the right photo can make a huge difference. Wearing a formal attire can help create the impression that you are already dedicated to looking your best, swaying the buyer. The most important thing to consider is how you come off in the picture. Make sure it captures your real self. If you are unsure about your photo, you can also use a profile analyzer to find out how good the picture is. is completely free and can help you improve.
  • Right Information: Less is always more. Instead of an essay, use short descriptive sentences to make it easier for the buyer. Show your qualities as truthfully and positively as possible. It will not only make the buyer relate to you, but he will also appreciate honesty.
  • Build a network: Having relevant contacts on LinkedIn will help your profile reach more viewers, in turn, increasing your opportunities. Unless you know someone personally or have met before, avoid connecting with someone if you are not sure of pursuing it further.
  • Have a public profile: When the profile is in private mode, the buyers will choose to contact those who are in public mode, for faster communication. 30% of the accounts you check will, in turn, click on your profile. Having a public profile will help you to broaden your boundaries and networks.
  • Be active: Being active on social media is very crucial. Why? It can help people keep you in mind. Post a minimum of five to six posts a day, containing either your original content or shared content of someone else you thought was worth sharing. Another way of engaging with your viewers is to like and comment on their post, to show that you are active. Make sure that the comment is related to the post, and can engage in additional conversation.
  • Be informed of your buyer before making the call: To properly connect with the person, take the time to go through his profile, and learn more about him. Find a connection, maybe a hobby, to break the ice.


LinkedIn is a globally connected social media channel, where the competition to make an impression runs high. With the help of these simple steps listed above, you can make your profile stand out. Having the skills is one thing, but portraying it and selling that skill is a whole different matter. These simple steps will help you sell your skills to the targeted buyers much more effectively. If you are looking for more information regarding How to Craft A buyer-centric Linkedin Profile, get I touch with us.


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