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How to Get Benefits from Linkedin InMail?

With around 77 million experts on LinkedIn in the US, those that are in expert educational space, and have graduated promoting on LinkedIn, there is enormous access to a colossal of high-esteem users. With the help of this social media’s granular targeting based on profile features, admission officers and graduate marketers can indicate recipients by job role, geology, gender, group membership, organization size, and more to ensure the advertiser’s message arrives at correct users inbox.

As of recently, Sponsored InMail, one of LinkedIn’s most focused on and customized publicizing strategies, was solely managed in house at LinkedIn and just accessible to promoters ready to spend $30,000 a quarter for their marketing on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn’s recent update Sponsored InMail is now self-serviced. This means that businesses can immediately set up and dispatch campaigns that are more adaptable with their marketing budget, like LinkedIn’s Text Ads and Sponsored Updates. Advertisers can create new campaigns quite easily and more effectively, have real-time access and understanding into campaign performance, and make enhancements using industry best practices. Supported InMail uses the brand credibility of the LinkedIn platform so that, dissimilar to regular email campaigns, they are bound to be opened, read, and followed upon. As indicated by LinkedIn, more than 66% of individuals trust suggestions they get on LinkedIn.

Using InMail has several benefits including:

  • It is possible to reach out to both active and passive job candidates using this feature on LinkedIn.
  • There is an additional info section present on the profile of members which indicates the type of message that they are willing to receive. This will help you to design your InMail to be in line with your company’s needs and also the candidate’s preferences. Some members might hide their preferences by changing the Settings and Privacy.
  • It can track your messages’ effectiveness that you sent out to potential candidates.
  • LinkedIn offers an InMail analytics page that gives detailed information about the InMail messages that you send out. This data can help you to improve your strategy and messaging techniques.
  • InMail messages can be sent out to any user even if the user does not have a premium account on LinkedIn.
  • To send an InMail you need not know the email address of the recipient.
  • There is a reward when you get a response to your InMail. This comes in the form of InMail credit when the message that you sent gets a response within a time limit of 90 days from the date that you sent the message.


It’s imperative to take note that LinkedIn highly prescribes advertisers to make their campaign strategy holistic, whereby advertisers use every single accessible strategy including Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Updates, and Text Ads to contact qualified individuals on different occasions using this social media platform. Sponsored InMail can get you the desired results if you are looking to send personalized invites for conferences or events, promote a program or product or hire the correct candidate for your organization.

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