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How to get benefits from LinkedIn Premium Career and Premium Business?

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform, where buyers and sellers of all niches come together to meet, connect, and grow. Whether you are looking to meet your next employee or looking to get a job, LinkedIn will help you connect with many people, looking for your job or skills. While this does get you connected, to enjoy the benefits of LinkedIn, are through the premium packages. Over 150 million users of the US and 50 million users of India have already subscribed to Linkedin Premium, with more joining every day. People are enjoying the benefits and the edge it gives over the users who have subscribed to the basic package.

LinkedIn has helped bring together many people and their abilities globally. Now, LinkedIn Premium is available to take it to the next level. While the basic membership provides you with a platform to build and grow your identity, along with meeting new people, LinkedIn Premium Career and Premium Business are two of the four LinkedIn premium options, to help you stand out from those in the basic package. Listed below, are some of the benefits that come with subscribing to these packages:

  • Linkedin Premium Career gives you information about the people who viewed your profile in the last ninety days, as compared to the basic package, showing only the last five days.
  • LinkedIn Premium Business allows you up to 15 InMail messages, and the opportunity to view more profiles.
  • With the premium packages, you can get a larger profile picture for your account, along with a customizable option for the background. Since the profile picture will make the first impression about you to the viewers, this gives a huge advantage to you.
  • When someone looks for an applicant for a job, the premium users will appear on top of the list, recommended by LinkedIn. This gives you an advantage over the others, being one of the first applicants to be checked out.
  • Premium packages come with advanced search filters, which can be used to easily find recruiters that will fit your needs, rather than finding the perfect one among everyone. They are allowed unique data on businesses like geographic expansion, employee turnover, etc., which isn’t available for users with the basic package.
  • With the LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn Salary option available for premium users, one can now compare their profiles, with other applicants and see where they stand.
  • Premium users can now be connected to anyone, where you are visible to them even without an introduction or connection. This gives you a competitive edge with others, with the probability of meeting your potential employer increasing.

At a reasonable rate, you now have the option to unlock these benefits and more, by opting to subscribe to the premium career and premium business packages. Also available in premium packages are Sales Navigator Professional and recruiter lite. If you’re unsure of how the premium packages will benefit you, you can opt for the free trial to test out. Looking for more information on How to get benefits from LinkedIn Premium Career and Premium Business? get in touch with us.

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