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How to Get More B2B Leads on LinkedIn

Have you been on LinkedIn for some time without making any progress? An estimated 80% of all B2B come from LinkedIn. Are you beginning to think your niche belongs with that other 20%? The answer to your success may be simpler than you think.

Every year, thousands of people make a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape. Their next logical step is to join a gym. By the second month of their membership, they have already found a number of excuses that keep them at home when they should be working out. Without a strategy and a genuine commitment, they are never going to achieve their goal of getting into better physical shape. The same is true for LinkedIn.

Creating a LinkedIn account isn’t enough to get you new leads. Instead, you have to develop a strategy and actually spend time connecting with prospects. If you lack the discipline it takes to consistently use the social website, you could benefit from Linked Lead Ninja’s “Done for You” services. We will develop a “Prospecting Plan of Action” that will get results.
If you need some help designing your strategy, our free LinkedIn training can help get you pointed in the right direction. Four questions that will help you decide what you really need to start getting results are:

Is LinkedIn really the best way to get links for my niche?

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it works for all types of businesses. Whether your niche is limited to a small group of businesses spread out around the world or it operates on a large scale with many potential leads all around you, LinkedIn is the best way to make those all-important connections. Linked Lead Ninja knows how to make the right connections for you and get them interested in you.

How can I get more solid leads using the website?

All leads don’t have the same value. If you keep finding promising leads only to lose touch before they get off the ground, something is probably lacking in your approach. At Linked Lead Ninja, we know how to make connections and engage leads to increase their interest. We can make the links you want and talk on your behalf. You will get more of the right kind of leads and keep them going to the next step.

Why can’t I get the same results as everyone else?

Friends and coworkers brag to you about their great results. They may even give you tips on how they achieved their success. But you just can’t seem to get comparable results. The fact is that even the smallest details can make a big difference. That includes what you put on your portfolio and what you may have omitted.
We know what it takes to make a successful portfolio. We also understand how to make the right impression on your prospects for your specific niche. You don’t have to be talented at selling yourself to your prospects. We can do it for you!

I have gotten a few B2B leads using LinkedIn. Now what?

Most people are going to get one or two leads eventually; even by accident. But “one and done” results aren’t going to get you the results you want. You need to find consistent leads to keep growing your sales and making more money.
Our 5-step plan can help you get 3 to 5 leads each week starting today! Our Quick Video Training includes best practices of LinkedIn prospecting to guide you towards getting qualified leads organically.
To learn more about Linked Lead Ninja and our out-of-the-box solution for getting better, more frequent qualified B2B leads on LinkedIn, contact us today. All it takes is a 15-minute discovery call to start getting the answers to your questions that will add up to success.

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