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Every business is unique, and each has its own goals. If your company is currently on the rise, you may be examining various ways to network with other businesses, hire a few extra employees, or even prospect possible clientele. No matter where your company is in its development or what goal it aims to achieve, a LinkedIn premium subscription may be the optimal choice for this expansion.

What Are Your Options?

LinkedIn provides three subscription options for businesses: Premium Business, Sales Navigator Professional, and Recruiter Lite. Each of these services boasts particular benefits for a business and depending on your company’s goals, you may want to invest in one of these memberships. The least expensive option is Premium Business, which costs $59.99 every month. With this subscription, a business sees everyone who has viewed its page over the previous 90 days. With this change from only seeing the five most recent visitors, businesses can track the traffic on their pages more easily and network with possible clientele or employment candidates more efficiently. In addition to this, businesses are able to send 15 InMails to anyone each month, allowing them to converse with possible prospects regardless of an
already-existing connection. If your goal for using LinkedIn is to find new leads, the Premium Business plan will allow users to contact your business without a direct connection as well. This gives you a higher chance of success when networking or producing leads because of the increased likelihood of a prospect finding and mailing you. Another subscription LinkedIn offers is Sales Navigator, an upgraded version of Premium Business. Sales Navigator is slightly more expensive at $79.99 per month. With Sales Navigator’s increased price, businesses are given the ability to search for their clients with a more comprehensive search than Business Premium and also gain 5 additional InMails each month. One of the biggest benefits of Sales Navigator is that it is designed to help find leads for your company through recommendations based on the preferences you select, making it perfect for expansion. The third membership is Recruiter Lite, which costs $119.99 every month. This LinkedIn membership is geared toward finding prospective hires by working with hiring managers and recruiters to find the ideal candidate. With Recruiter Lite, the filters used to search for potential employees are even more optimized than the previous options. Recruiter Lite also allows users to enhance their selection process by providing the ability to organize candidates, set reminders, and see everyone that has viewed the company’s page over the prior 90 days.

How Do You Choose?

Based on the various benefits presented by each of the membership plans, you’ll need to weigh your options on How to Get the Best LinkedIn Premium Subscription for Your Business. Do you want to optimize your search to find the perfect candidates and efficiently organize your findings? Are you searching for a way to slowly start expanding your business, or are you aiming toward a more accelerated level of growth? Depending on your preferences and your budget, you may want to test your options before making your final decision. LinkedIn’s paid memberships offer a 30-day free trial, which you can use to test the one you believe is most suited to your business and its goals. All you need to do is select the membership you would like and begin free trial today

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