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How to Invite Your Connections to Like Your Linkedin Page

We already know that LinkedIn is a professional platform. It’s the best place to promote any kind of business. So in this article, we are going to describe how to invite your connections to your LinkedIn page. Because LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that helps you to invite your connections to like your page. But there are very few people who know about this feature. So here we are providing you some detailed information regarding this topic.


How new features allow people to like your LinkedIn Page?


LinkedIn provides you with a feature of company page invite for all business pages, and you can handle this from the admin page. This feature allows you to send invites to your target persons.


LinkedIn provides you with100 invites per company page. These 100 invites are for a limited time period which is one month only. It’s something interesting; let me make you more clearly about it. When you send ten invites to people, so you left with the 90 invites now. But if one person accepts your invites from those ten, then you get one more invite. And you have left with 91 invites now. When you invite accepted by someone, you get it back. That’s it.


If you’re giving your few minutes to send some invites, then it’s enough to build a following on LinkedIn.


Few people want to know about how to invite your connections to your LinkedIn page automatically. Because they don’t want to give them much time to this activity, so they want any time-saving formula which helps them to automate this proves. We proceed to this topic and provide you our best.


How to automatically invite your connections to follow your page:


  • Click on the LinkedIn helper and go to the 1st level features.
  • And then you have to create a new list.
  • Go to click contacts and choose any one option from “my connection’s page” or “LinkedIn search page”.
  • Click on invite tab and adjust some settings like this:

Invite per period = 45

Hours between periods = 20

Bunch size = 5

  • Then move on to your company page and press “start inviting to the current company”.


The connections you have invited will land on the invited sub-list in view collection menu.


The main aim of adding this feature is that now companies can build their connections easily by targeting their main audience. Mostly it’s helpful for small businesses that have fewer employees, and they are less able to win followers. As now it’s very easy for everyone to sending invitations to the audience and makes them visit on their page. But it’s also your responsibility that you should have to provide them useful content so that they come back again to your page.


This is the detailed information on company invites features and automatically company invites. If it’s helpful for you then visit our website we have more helpful articles like this.

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