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How to keep Linkedln Campaigns on track with a weekly checklist

At Linkedln, there is immense importance of objective-based advertising (OBA) experience in Campaigns to ensure that the objective of the company is achieved and remains as an epitome with any planned advertising campaign. There are ways to keep your campaign on track. The checklist is prepared to ensure that there is an upward track maintained for the campaign.

Weekly checklist for objective-based Linkedln campaigns-

  • Check regularly to ensure if the objective is presently applicable or not- the campaign that has been started with a great objective but then for many reasons the objective could go wrong or obsolete, or even change. Always keep a thorough check on your objective and how it aligns with the present circumstances. Website Visits and Website Conversions are two different objectives and will result in two different motives. Ascertain specifically what your goal is driving people to the website or driving them to take some course of action when they are on the website.
  • Shift budget from low performing budgets to top performers- when you are multiple campaigns, keep adjusting and managing your budgets. It is crucial that you shift your budget proactively so that you can optimize your budget at a high level. Your resources will be optimized to its fullest capacity, and you will be spending your resources in the most efficiently.
  • Have multiple creative pieces in action at a time- the most important and ongoing tip is to be always testing. The marketers try to set a route based on data and assumptions, till you don’t connect with the audience and understand their needs specifically by means of action. Keep trying different images, copy and compare the results to see what works best for you. For Brand Awareness, Website Visits and Engagement Campaigns, you need to have four pieces of creative ideas in practice at a go.
  • Switch off underperforming creative- keep monitoring results and once if you are aware of what is working and what is not, then do away with the creative that is not working. If any creative is underperforming, then remove it off the chart. Give ample time to the creative before removing them off the chart.
  • Pause an ad with lowest-performing engagement and switch over to a fresh and engaging creative- this is the most useful measure n case of Engagement creative. Identify the ad with the lowest engagement and switch over to a new ad creative in every week or two. This will improve your ad and its relevance over time and gather more bids. This will also help you in testing new ideas and test new creative hooks.
  • Reassess the result of your content- when you are performing the above steps, take sometime and assess whether you see the results or not. A little time spent on checking the results of your content will prove to be beneficial.

LinkedIn is a social platform where you need to tweak and monitor your campaign for its success. Incase if you need more info on how to keep Linkedln Campaigns on track with a weekly checklist?


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