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how to post a LinkedIn article from your mobile device

Many people faced problems related to LinkedIn. So in this article, we are going to provide detailed information on how to post a LinkedIn article from your mobile device. There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a professional platform. You can easily make professional connections there. This platform helps you to boost up your professional identity. But there is one problem that people don’t know more about this platform. This is a little bit different from other social media platforms.


So we are here to solve your problems related to LinkedIn. And we are going to cover the whole topic of how to post a LinkedIn article from your mobile device. But before it do you know how to create a LinkedIn post? So firstly we learn to create a post and then posting a post. So let’s start:


Note: LinkedIn isn’t for only chrome or browser. Or not available for the desktop sites. It’s also available for android and iOS phones.


How to Create a LinkedIn Post on Homepage with Android:


  • You just have to install the LinkedIn app and open it. After sign up, you can easily create your LinkedIn profile.
  • And after all this setup work, you just have to go to the home page, and there you can easily get the create post to post anything.
  • Remember you can share any URL link or any picture or video at a time. You can’t share both at a time.
  • There you can get a lot of options for sharing with your friends. These options we’re like photos, videos, memory, etc.
  • Choose whatever you want to share with your connections. And also use proper hashtags in your post because it increases the reach on your LinkedIn.
  • If you want to share an image on LinkedIn, then you must have to make sure that the resolution of your image is at least 552×276. And it’s not more than 5 MB. Don’t upload low-resolution images.


So we make you clear everything related to creating a LinkedIn post. Now we move on to posting a post on LinkedIn. So we take an example of a short URL of any website. And tell you step by step how to post. So let’s start:


How to Post an Article on LinkedIn on Android by 4 easy Steps


  • Open your LinkedIn app on the mobile phone, and you’re on the home page. On that homepage, you can easily get the post icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Paste the URL which you have pasted before.
  • Then describe something about the website or URL.
  • Add some hashtags related to your URL or website. And then press the post icon.


Yes, you have successfully posted a post on LinkedIn. It’s so easy. So we hope it is helpful for all of you. Sometimes things are super easy, but our mind makes it tough through overthinking. It’s useful information for you now it’s your time to go and start your LinkedIn journey now.

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