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How to Prospect Effectively on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has grown to become one of the most essential networking tools for all types of professionals today. There are 500 million people using the site to find sales prospects, job opportunities, and other businesses in the same or related industries as they are. LinkedIn has become the primary networking site for building your B2B brand. It serves all types and sizes of businesses from individual freelancers to global corporations. The question is, why isn’t it working for you?
Many people who enthusiastically join the networking frenzy are surprised when opportunity doesn’t instantly come knocking at their door. You know that the right connections are out there somewhere; but somewhere along the line, there is a problem that is coming between you success.

You may have considered that LinkedIn is not the right venue for your needs. Before you give into the frustration, consider what the actual problem might be. If you can identify the reason that networking on LinkedIn has been nothing but a source of pain and frustration, you can take the right steps to fix it.

#1 You Don’t Know How to Use LinkedIn Effectively for Your Niche

It isn’t just about finding your target market. It’s about finding the leads that are looking for you. Everyone who is on LinkedIn isn’t there to connect with others. You need to find the people who are looking for you.
Linked Lead Ninja takes the pain out of finding leads by doing the work for you. We find the ideal leads for you and bring them to your website. We do the knocking that gets your foot in the door.
#2 Not Enough Consistent Qualified B2B Leads for Your Business
The more specific and targeted a niche is, the more difficult it will be to consistently find qualified leads. For example, a company that sells dental equipment isn’t going to have any trouble finding dental professionals to sell to. In contrast, a company that sells replacement parts for a specific brand of printer is going to have a much smaller pool from which to get leads. This makes it even more important to know how to find every potential lead in your target market.
To get enough consistent, qualified B2B leads to help your business grow. Simply finding your target market isn’t enough. You need to engage with them at a level that will increase relationships and revenue. Linked Lead Ninja can help you connect with your target and engage to produce “Real Business.”
#3 You Can’t Get the Same Level of Results as Other People Like You Do Every Day
Your decision to give LinkedIn a try may be due to someone else’s success. Nothing is more maddening than seeing someone else navigate the system and get consistently great results when you can’t seem to even get started. The problem may be that your profile design doesn’t translate in the way that makes others want to engage. It may also be that they don’t see you as a professional from your messaging. Or, the problem may be that you just aren’t finding the target leads for your business.
Successful link building on LinkedIn requires a proven system that starts with an effective profile design. Linked Lead Ninja can help you get your profile right and start making the right connections with your target market right away.
#4 You Aren’t Sure How to Consistently Prospect for New Business
If you haven’t been successful so far, you are probably hesitant to spend a lot of your valuable time trying to find new leads. LinkedIn isn’t really a “learn as you go” process where you are going to suddenly realize what you need to do differently.
Linked Lead Ninja has the knowledge and expertise to get the leads you need to increase revenue. We know where to look and how to engage them to turn them into conversions.
We offer a LinkedIn solution that you can start using right out of the box. Our systems have been proven effective time and time again. We implement a “Prospecting Plan of Action” that gets real results.
Linked Lead Ninja will build targeted connections, both on and off of LinkedIn, for your business. Our “Done for You” services include the profile makeover and plan of action that you need to make LinkedIn work for you.

Start getting the benefits that so many other businesses in your niche have found. Contact us today for a 15-minute discovery call.

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