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How to recruit new talents from LinkedIn

Today the recruiters are relying on the social media platforms for hiring the new talents. LinkedIn, in general, has proved its worth and is the most trusted platform to hire new talents. As LinkedIn is more professional and business-focused the candidates can highlight their resume, skills, experience, qualifications and other stuff for recruitment.

However, the employees need to be careful while sourcing the new talent from the platform and hire the best. Here are the ways that can help them in the hiring process:

  1. Have a company profile- employers need to maintain and update their company profile. Put up information regarding their products and services, link it to their website and other platforms, show their employees, and also, focus on their career opportunities. Let the candidates follow your profile and apply for jobs directly.
  2. Screen and check the candidates- LinkedIn has the option whereby the candidates can put up their profile picture and share their details. The introduction has details regarding their qualification, experience, references, recommendations, and interest all within LinkedIn. All this information will help in selecting the apt candidate.
  3. Connect with the candidates- after having to select the candidates connect with personally by way of private messaging. LinkedIn also has the option of putting the employers’ requirement in “Sponsored jobs” or “jobs you may be interested in” having the element listed here grabs more attention.
  4. Be active- the key to success in any social media platform is to participate in groups and post status updates. Staying active will draw attention to you, and your business and this will help you to connect with your network.
  5. The FAQ part- the Question and Answer sections will help you to connect with the influencers and build a relationship with them. Connecting with experts and influencers will help you to fill in the positions.
  6. Use employees’ network for referrals- LinkedIn is a very referral friendly perspective and helps in connecting with candidates as employees’ referrals. Ask your employees to connect with their networks on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has made it easy for the employers to trace connections between job candidates, employees and using employees’ network to hire new talents.
  7. Use advanced search capabilities- LinkedIn has advanced search capabilities like a LinkedIn recruiter, and this helps immensely in recruiting new talent. It assists the employers in finding the best candidate based on the information provided by them like job titles, present or past employees, education, company size, seniority levels, interests, recommendations, locations, and much more. The employers can also connect with employees through first and second connections.
  8. Connect with passive candidates- LinkedIn works best to connect with passive candidates. It is that most of the candidates are busy in a job and not looking for other job but can consider a job if offered to them. 80% of the candidates on LinkedIn are passive candidates, thus this allows finding the best talent from the crowd based on the qualifications and networks.

LinkedIn is constantly working to evolve and implement new features so that the employees can find the best talent for their offices. We are here to help you if you need any more information on how to recruit new talents from LinkedIn?

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