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How to set up LinkedIn Email newsletter?

How to set up a LinkedIn Email newsletter?

Creating a newsletter or email campaign on LinkedIn is not rocket science but then its, not something that all can do.


What is a LinkedIn email newsletter?

A newsletter is a set of regularly published articles on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn email newsletter is a type of email sent out by companies or individuals to subscribe a list. The email has valuable content related to guides, news, blog posts, products, reviews, tips, recommendations, announcements, and other resources.


For LinkedIn email marketing the need for email marketing strategy cannot be denied as it allows the businesses to grow their contacts. Email marketing helps businesses to establish themselves as pioneers in the industry, sharing insights, and highlighting new products that will drive traffic to the website.


How to create an effective LinkedIn email newsletter?

The strategy that needs to be followed for an effective LinkedIn newsletter strategy is as follows:

  • Set your goals and objectives- the most important thing that you need to consider before starting to design a newsletter is to figure out the reason for you needing one. There should be a clear concept and goal so that the newsletter has all the elements and you draft the required message.
  • Identify the target audience for email newsletter strategy- the most important aspect to which you need an answer is who will be your target audience. Having a concrete definition for your target audience will play a pivotal role in deciding what will be the content of your newsletter. The needs and wants of the target audience have to be considered so as to get a fitting offer in the email. The email content needs to be very specific.
  • Consider the basic objective or your LinkedIn email newsletter- the goal of the newsletter should be categorically considered before curating the content. Some campaigns intend to drive traffic to the website, whereas a few emails intend to increase sales on the online store or invite people for an upcoming event. The goals give your newsletter campaign a purpose and this will help in assessing the success of the campaign. The specific goal that you intend to achieve through the newsletter campaign will be as per the goals of your business.
  • Follow SMART principle- while drafting the email newsletter as per the specific goals of your business it is important to follow the SMART principle. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound. It will be essentially as per the goals that make sense to your business. After your objectives have been defined its time to determine the corresponding the KPIs. There are some typical metrics measured for newsletters like newsletter subscription, open rates, spam and block rates and newsletter unsubscribe rates.
  • Create rough content- firstly draft a rough content depending on your objective and analyzing the newsletter of your competitors. Importantly, as LinkedIn is a professional platform the matter should be written in a formal language with crisp information. You can go ahead and ask your audience as to what content they want to see. This will help in creating the desired newsletter.

Using the right platform for your newsletter campaign. It implies that you will need a newsletter solution to create, send, and analyze email campaigns. Looking for more info on How to set up a LinkedIn Email newsletter?




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