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How to Stand Out On LinkedIn by Sending Voice Messages

Nowadays, with so many messaging and social media platforms in place, many times, messages and emails are lost in the inbox. Targeted users might not even read out your message or product information that you sent. Making video promotions can also be too much time taking, and videos might not be downloaded often. So, what is the solution in that case?

LinkedIn has launched a powerful method by which users can send out promotions or converse with other users that are in their contact. This is possible with the addition of the voice messaging feature on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has recently launched the voice memo feature on its social media platform. It is similar to leaving a message on the phone or answering machine of a user when he is not around. But in this case, the message would arrive in the LinkedIn inbox of the user.

How To send out Voice Messages on LinkedIn?

If you, too, are wondering how to send out voice memo messages on this powerful social media platform? We can provide you complete guidance. It is quite easy.

You just need to visit the profile of the user to whom you want to send the message. Then click on his profile and send message button. In the message option, there would be a textbox input and also a microphone sign. Click on that sign, and then you can record your message. You should hold the microphone button till you record your message completely. Once done you can send it. If you recorded something wrong, then you can slide to delete the message and then redo it. It is quite easy, isn’t it?


How to Stand Out On LinkedIn By Sending Voice Messages?

  • While sending voice messages, you should keep few things in mind. This will help you make your voice messages better too and help you reach a targeted audience.
  • If you are sending out voicemails, then make it short and simple. This is because most people do not listen to long and endless voice messages. Say your message shortly, might be in 20-30 seconds.
  • Make sure that you are sending voice messages and not dictating. So do not focus a lot on grammar or punctuation. If the thing can be said pictorially than it is better than a voice message.
  • Voice memo feature is the latest on LinkedIn and it can help you stand out from rest advertisers on LinkedIn.
  • A Voice memo needs to be completely personalized. If you send out forwards to a group of people, no one is going to pay attention to it.
  • Be clear in your voice, and make sure that there is no sort of disturbances around you when you are recording your voice memo.

These are a few things that you should keep in mind while sending out a voice memo. This is a new rage in marketing on LinkedIn, but its efficiency is still not tried and tested much. If you want to know more about How to Stand Out On LinkedIn by Sending Voice Messages? get in touch with us.

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