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Landing a job in this competitive age isn’t easy. Job seekers and professionals use offline as well as online sources to find a suitable employment opportunity. However, some job professionals are in a position to land a relevant job in a lot less time than others. So how are they able to do this? The simple answer is LinkedIn. The fact that more users in the age group of 50-64 (who could be recruiters) use LinkedIn, having a strong presence on this network can enhance your career success. However, the key question is how to tap LinkedIn effectively. Here is how to use LinkedIn 5 smart steps to career success.

1. Make an appealing and findable profile

A catchy headline with your name and photo is what users mostly see on LinkedIn. Invest some time on crafting these important things. Upload a professional looking picture and write an attention-grabbing headline. Be sure that the headline is short and to the point. Most importantly, include keywords (specific to your industry) in your headline. That way, you stand a great chance of getting found in LinkedIn searches.

2. Showcases things not revealed in your resume

Don’t write everything about your job title. Just mention it and use the 1000 characters efficiently for better search results. Brainstorm things that aren’t showcased in your resume, but match your job profile. Fill out those traits in the description areas. List your work experience, contract work as well as the results you got. Add a link to the examples of your previously completed work. Also, add certifications and courses that demonstrate your other relevant skills.

3. Connect with others strategically

Once you’ve finished completing your profile, connect with your friends and associates. Grow your network and connections. If you get a request to accept an invitation from someone, take a look at his profile. Even if the person isn’t a potential client or employer, he may help you to connect with potential clients and employers.

4. Snoop after building your network

Snooping is an excellent way to tap the potency of LinkedIn. However, you should only snoop after building solid connections. For instance, you could snoop on someone’s profile on LinkedIn to find out about a particular job posting. You may use LinkedIn to locate former employees who might give you valuable insight about the company’s culture. By doing so, you can get a fair overview of the company’s perception about the employees. Accordingly, you may prepare yourself for the position.

5. Stay active

Stay active on the network. Don’t come on a blue moon day on LinkedIn and expect that someone might be waiting to hire you. Instead, stay active and interact with like-minded people. In this way, you stand a good chance of getting more involved in the network. Once you’re more involved, you can trigger a conversation or discussion specific to your needs, and this increases the chances of landing you a suitable position

Tapping the power of LinkedIn is the best way to look for a suitable position in your field. All it takes is a little bit of time and activity. If you think that’s too much, turn to a reliable agency such as for this task, and you could land your dream job through this professional network.

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