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Having your brand out there in the world is not a sure way of increasing your revenue but also a room for improvement and with the current trends of business exploiting social media being left behind is just an option. LinkedIn is a major player when it comes to brand promotion thanks to its huge audience base of above 295 million users worldwide and at least 100 million users in the U.S alone. This platform allows you to formulate your adverts and will show them to the relevant audience thanks to its more relevant professional details that other social networks don’t have.

Identify your audience.
Knowing the target audience is just as important as the brand you are trying to get out in the world.There are various ways that you can identify your audience this includes:

  • Knowing the job titles of your intended customers.
    LinkedIn offers you a variety of professionals that you can choose from as a target to your ads. Identifying the kind of professionals that will correspond to your brand will save you not only money but the embarrassment of uninterested customers.
  • The location of the target audience.
    Clustering users with their geographical location can be an efficient way to target your audience since it can be a game changer for your business especially if your business has a geographical limit that it can operate in.
  • Interests of the audience.
    It does not make any sense to display your gaming app to people whose interest is politics or other hobbies. Understanding the interest of your target group will increase the amount of impact your add will have on them.

After you have identified the group for your intended advert, it is just about time to design that eye-catching advert that will have the customers knocking on your door in a matter of seconds. The question now remains how to use LinkedIn ads to do that.

How to use LinkedIn Ads?
First things first, you need a few requirements before you can create an ad. This includes having a copy of your ad, LinkedIn account and enough target audience. After you have your house in order visit the LinkedIn Ads login page and hit the get started button. This will present you with the opportunity to create an ad or sponsor an update.

  • To get started Click on create an Ad.
  • Formulate your Ad.
  • After clicking on create an ad, you are presented with a screen to enter various details such as.
  • Name of the Campaign. This is the name of the advert that will be shown to the outside work a simple but realistic name should be considered.
  • Ad Language. You can choose to display your ad in language of your choice.
  • Media type. You enter the format of your Ad whether a video or basic advert.
  • Ad destination. You can choose to display your Ad in LinkedIn or your own web page.
  • Ad variations. This allows you to create a wide range of ads to show to your audience however the price will be as much as the amount of ads you tend to formulate.
  • Ad design. Create a concise description of your advert ensure the limit of headline is 25 characters and the description is not more than 75 characters. As you edit you can preview on the side bar.

Targeting LinkedIn Ads
After having prepared your Ad in the above section, you can now choose who will see the ad. This is where the prowess of LinkedIn can be appreciated, it allows you to target your audience with a wide variation from job titles which are more genuine, the locality and the profession they are in.
However, you should note that the audience number does not mean that the impression will be as huge, since some of the users might not even log in their accounts to see your advert. A key note is to keep a keen eye on the suggestions offered by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn offers two forms of advertising i.e cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impressions (CPM).The cost of CPC is $2 and CPC is charged for every 1000 impressions made. This gives you a choice to choose from depending on the business model you are running and what seems to be a better conversion rate for your advert.
The minimum that you can advertise for at LinkedIn is $10, having more clicks will make sure that you get the best out of your money so ensure the probability of clicks will be higher by doing your homework right when it comes to targeting.

Submit your ad
Finally, after having carried out all the steps above, you have to submit your Ad for it to be displayed at LinkedIn. This is by clicking the “Launch campaign button”. This will make your advert to get out there in the world on the platform you chose earlier.

I was a bit skeptical at first when a friend of mine suggested that I should advertise my products in LinkedIn as other platforms were not giving me the results I had expected. When I learned how to use LinkedIn Ads, I can tell you for a fact that the bet surely paid out.

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