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The technological advancements have increased the use of social media platforms globally. The social media platforms have enhanced the way people relate and connect. The world has been reduced into a global village making communication and transacting easy. The enhanced Internet connectivity in the world has facilitated innovations and inventions in various sectors such as telecommunications among other areas. LinkedIn is one of the recent innovations that professionals use to connect with each other and build professional relationships for career advancement.

LinkedIn is an essential tool for business as well as the growth of a person’s career. The recruiters have also found the use of this application helpful as they seek to fill vacant positions with the right candidates. LinkedIn gives you a platform to create your profile and connect with other professionals all over the world. The application also enables you to change features within your profile to suit how others view your profile. The default feature when you set up your LinkedIn profile and start researching people’s profiles enables them to receive updates notifying them that you viewed their profiles. However, LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to browse profiles anonymously. There exists several reasons that may make you browse the profiles of other professionals or companies. Some of the reasons include ; when you are new to LinkedIn and want to create a professional profile, when you need to update your profile and do not want people to view your profile,when looking for a job and you are researching the potential employers and when researching on your competitors among other reasons.

This article shows you the steps on how to use LinkedIn anonymously. When browsing the LinkedIn profiles of different professionals anonymously, the section Who Viewed Your Profile will be shown as LinkedIn Member. The persons you have viewed their profiles will be shown that you chose to be anonymous. The feature allows you to safeguard your privacy as you research different people and companies in LinkedIn platform. If you want to know how to use LinkedIn anonymously follow the following guidelines.

First, log in your LinkedIn account with the correct email and password. While on the homepage, move the cursor over your profile photo in the top right of the homepage. An account and settings drop down menu will follow with various options. You should click on the Privacy and setting option. The Privacy and Settings option will direct you to another drop down menu where you are supposed to click on the Privacy Controls section.

When you have reached the Privacy Controls section, click on the section labelled ‘How others see your LinkedIn activity’. Under the various options provided, go to the profile viewing options and explore the various alternatives provided. You should select the option named Anonymous LinkedIn Member to complete the process. When you are through with the process you can test with one of your friends to ensure the settings have been effected.

Its that simple! How to use LinkedIn Anonymously.

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