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It’s no secret that social media networks are now key to the success of your business. It has changed the way we interact with each other both on personal as well as professional methods. These sites are key to networking, with LinkedIn being at the top when networking with business associates. LinkedIn has over 360 million members across the world and is great for both business networking as well as sales prospecting.

Many people use LinkedIn as a way to find their next position, but it is also used to find and reach out to new potential clients and prospects. You are able to connect directly with and find information about businesses and people. You can use it to develop relationships and contact those in positions of power directly.

How to use LinkedIn as a tool for your sales prospecting:


– Connect with others.

The first thing that you need to do with your LinkedIn account is connect with the people you know. While your friends and family can be valuable connections, you really need to ramp up your business connections. When you meet someone either online or in the real world, make sure to follow up with a request quickly before they forget who you are. Networking events are great for meeting new people, so make sure you reach out to them on LinkedIn as well.


– Map out and target your leads.

LinkedIn users tend to put a lot of information in their profiles about the work that they’re doing. This could be contact information, who they work with and what they are focusing on. This helps you figure out the right person that you need to reach out to at the company. By using this information you figure out the hierarchy of the company and figure out how to reach the person that you need.


– Use groups effectively.

Groups are a great way to connect with new people on LinkedIn. By joining groups that your prospects are interested in, you will be able to engage with these people. This helps you target those that you need to reach the most. Build your presence in the group by engaging in the questions that are presented in the group. Groups will help give you insight into what is going on in the industry and makes it easier to connect with those in the group.



– Your profile is a great lead generator.

The more you interact with new people as well as groups, the more people will view your profile to learn more about you. Because of this, it’s imperative that you put work into your profile and use it to help increase sales. The first thing to make sure of is that all of your contact information is current. The link to your company needs to work and you should include links to your other social media accounts. People like to know who they are connecting with, so the more information you can share, the better and more likely that people will accept your connection request. Take the time to write a bit about yourself and your company. People will be able to identify with you when you share more about yourself and the passion behind your company. Finally, you need to have a photo. There is simply no way around that. It should clearly show your face and make sure to smile, but also keep it professional.


– Make use of LinkedIn Pulse.

Another great way to show what you and your business is all about is by posted on LinkedIn Pulse. This allows you to reach your audience quickly. You can use this to share new information or thoughts about different subjects. You can share your insights and professional knowledge through publishing on LinkedIn Pulse. All of your connections will receive a notice when you publish new content, so it’s a great way to stay connected.

It’s imperative that you regularly engage and share information on LinkedIn. This will help develop your sales pipeline. When you use it effectively, it is a great tool for finding prospective clients and customers. The business relationships that you solidify through LinkedIn will be invaluable to you when using it for prospecting. By using the tips above, you will help increase how trustworthy you appear on LinkedIn and help to gain new leads and sales.


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