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How to Use LinkedIn Campaign for My Business

There’s a lot of buzz going around the usage of LinkedIn. Many users think that LinkedIn is a great networking site to promote products. On the other hand, certain businesses are skeptic about the effectiveness of LinkedIn (compared to other social networks) for business usage. However, the truth is LinkedIn can be pretty handy in marketing your business products with the help of services such as In case you are wondering, “How to use the LinkedIn campaign for my business ?”, here is a checklist of steps that should resolve your worries.

Choose managed campaigns or self-service

LinkedIn’s advertising platform lets you easily get started on its self-service campaign with sponsored content and text ads. If you’re interested in attracting a premium, targeted audience, you may want to try managed advertising from LinkedIn. From ad optimization to targeting, the managed LinkedIn campaign service allows you to make the best use of the platform for marketing your products

Use Campaign Manager
Once you choose the service for ad campaigns, you need to get familiar with the Campaign Manager. It’s the hub of your advertising activities. Here you’ll find details about your ad’s performance, and this includes the demographics who clicked your ads, engagement rate with sponsored content, and lots more.

Select ad format
Decide whether you want to create text ads, sponsored content or both. No matter your choice, the results could be amazing if you use the ad format wisely. As a thumb rule, keep your ad simple but effective. To get the best results, keep the ad copy short as well as compelling and use dynamic visuals.

Create ads
For text ads, specify the link that will open up on clicking. Then add an image, headline as well as brief description. For sponsored content, showcase the page you want to promote or an update of your business. Create multiple variations of ads (for text and sponsored content), and then concentrate on top performing ones.

Target your ad
One big benefit of LinkedIn advertising is you’re able to target audience on the basis of the first party, self-reported info. As you decide criteria, the Campaign Manager will display the size of the targeted audience. Choose the audience that’s sufficiently broad to produce significant results. However, be sure you don’t compromise relevancy and suitability for big numbers.

Set your ad budget
You can either go for CPM (cost per impression) or CPC (cost per click) advertising. When clicks directly relate to conversion, CPC is a better bet. On the flip side, CPM is best for increasing brand awareness and promotion. The Campaign Manager will recommend bid ranges for ad displays. As a word of advice, stay on the upper side of the big range for optimum results.

Measure and optimize
The auction system of LinkedIn rewards ads with higher engagement. So review the results continually, stop underperforming ads, and promote better performing ads. Look at the metrics displayed in the Campaign Manager and try new ad variations based on results. Over time, you’ll see better results through LinkedIn campaigns.

LinkedIn can be a wonderful social network for marketing your products, especially B2B products. However, the key lies in following the ins and outs of the network to maximize your results. If you lack info on this matter and wonder, “How to use LinkedIn campaign for my business ?”, turn to a reputable LinkedIn marketing expert such as to harvest desired results

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