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There are so many websites that both jobseekers and businesses use but LinkedIn is the most popular and the most trusted. It is considered to be the best networking tool. If you’re a business owner, using LinkedIn can help you attract top talents and present yourself as a top leader in your industry. You can also use it to promote your products and services.
Still don’t have LinkedIn? You’re missing out but it’s still not too late. Just go to the LinkedIn page or download the app. Then create your profile focusing on how your business can help other LinkedIn members. Your profile should attract people to you so avoid a plain and boring profile. As soon as your profile is up, the next step is how to use LinkedIn effectively for business.

Get Followers
To attract people, what you need to do first is gain followers. You can start with people you actually know, by following them first, as they should follow you back automatically. But if you want to gain more followers, you can promote your LinkedIn page on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Post Content
Once you already have enough followers, the next step is identify your audience. After identifying your audience, you have to anticipate what they want to see. Keep in mind that your goal is to publish content that will not only promote your company but will also benefit your audience. You can try to provide your followers with content that is helpful, interesting, and informative.

Schedule Your Posts
If you want to be consistent with promoting your business, try to follow a content calendar. Your posts should not be the same every day. For example, every Mondays, you post an informative topic but on Tuesday, you post a video, and so on.
Remember, consistency is key. Post as often as you can but don’t limit to just text posts. You can experiment with videos and pictures, too. You can also try to share “behind the scenes” of your company so your followers will know what it looks like.

Use Analytics
LinkedIn allows you evaluate your engagement on your content, review your engagement demographics, as well as to identify the trends. It also helps you learn about the traffic your page is getting. Because of these, you’ll fully understand your audience and know what they want. Monitoring and tracking your posts will help you determine which strategy works and which doesn’t.

Create Showcase Pages
A showcase page is considered to be an extension of your company’s profile. It allows your organization to create more content and publish more posts that are relevant to your audience. A showcase page allows you to highlight specific parts of your business while you share content to your target audience.

Right now, LinkedIn is the best place for both jobseekers and businesses owners. As a business owner, being able to promote your organization and to attract more potential customers are the most important things. To do that, you need the right mindset and be knowledgeable enough when it comes to effectively using LinkedIn.

We can provide you with a complete walkthrough and guide you to success on how to use linkedin effectively for business. Our goal is to help businesses like yours to get leads using LinkedIn. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to call us.

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