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What is LinkedIn?
It is a business and employment service that launched for the public in 2003. It was created to help people achieve more, get a job and give job. LinkedIn mission is connect professionals together so they can be more successful’’.

How to Effectively Recruit
If you are wondering, how to use LinkedIn effectively for recruitment, follow these simple steps:

•Post jobs on LinkedIn. You can also use job listing, trusted referrals and candidate search. When you post a job right on LinkedIn, you can attract the right candidates, because the site will find qualified job seekers with your post.

•Search for candidates by yourself, using keywords. That’s how you will find candidates qualified for the job by their profile information.

•Never forget to put the right keywords in your own company profile. Because some employees search for jobs by keywords by themselves. In that case, the employee could find you.

•Never lose contact with your earlier employees, there could be situations where some of them could help you with some new job.

•Find out more by clicking here –

Use ImMail, also known as LinkedIn’s internal email system which allows sending messages to other people even if you are not connected. You need to get in touch with people to find perfect employee, especially if you are just getting started.

Profile Page
The first impression is most important, and on LinkedIn the first impression is your company page. You want to make the best of it. Make sure you have all the information about your company, including the website. Also don’t forget to mention what your company is about, what do you do and what you are looking for. The better-looking profile with an explanation, the higher chance to find more and the best employees for your company.

Attract Employees
One of the things you can do is to attract passive candidates. Passive candidates are those who currently are not looking for a job. Instead of asking them if they want to work, explain to them why they would be the best in your job and what opportunities they would get from working with you.

Another way is to post on groups. First off, find the right group, where could be targeted audience for your job. But do not spam, that is the worst thing to do and chances to find someone will be low, the only thing you could get is a ban or get kicked out of the group and that is not what you want. Instead of spamming, you again need to explain opportunities from a job you are offering and what skills you are looking for. Find out how to do that by clicking here –

Final Steps
Keep in the mind to update profile often with company news, blogs and interesting content that will make the company easier to find. Also that will make people know how to use LinkedIn effectively for recruitment and be interested in your company and follow everything you do and one of them could be the perfect employee for you.
Relationship building is one of the most important things on social platform and marketing by itself.

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