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LinkedIn represents a massive opportunity for event promotion. Most marketers dominate in using the platform for lead generation but very few are aware of how to use LinkedIn events marketing. LinkedIn gives you an excellent opportunity to make advertisements and reach a huge audience without necessarily using any money. Below are tips to help you in increasing attendee engagement and ticket sales, amplify your event messages, and attract new event sponsors.

Leverage Existing LinkedIn Groups

This is one of the best ways to tap into an existing community group that shares some common interest. The easiest way to find groups with related interest to your event is by using the search bar on top of your page. From the drop-down menu on the left of your search box, select groups and then type the word you want to search groups for. LinkedIn will auto-suggest groups that fit your keyword then you can now check the ones that best fit your event.

Create Your Own LinkedIn Group

Remember, LinkedIn event marketing works well for recurring events. A LinkedIn group will provide a platform where attendees of the previous events can connect before and after the event. In this platform, they can ask questions and facilitate discussions around the event topics. As the admin of the group, you will be in a position to share your company updates about the event.

Targeted LinkedIn Invitations

In this case, you use the advanced people search function to find people who would benefit from attending your event. You can also find media contacts that would be interested in covering your event for their outlet or potential event sponsors. Some people would be willing to promote your event for their respective communities.

Mention Your Speakers, Organizers, Volunteers, and Sponsors

Recognition is a good thing for everyone. When you are talking or posting about the speakers, organizers, volunteers, or sponsors on LinkedIn, Make sure you mention them and tag them so that they receive a notification. This way, they will share the update on their platforms. By sharing your post, your event ads will get more exposure putting your content to new connections.

Company Updates

Make sure you share the event’s information on your LinkedIn page. You should, however, consider the following:

  • Sharing a link to your upcoming events calendar
  • Call for speakers/proposals
  • Sponsor recognition
  • Ticket sale dates
  • Speakers or topics covered in the event
  • Information about the venue of the event
  • Photos from a past event

LinkedIn Company Showcase Pages

These are simply extensions of your company page. Users are thereby able to follow every detail of your event showcase page and to receive updates related to the specific event. It is mostly useful to organizations where only a section of the audience are interested in a particular event or in organizations that host a variety of activities all targeted at different audiences.

LinkedIn Posts

The content you publish as your LinkedIn post is shared with your connections to followers. Their most significant benefit is that they are searchable by users who are not part of your LinkedIn personal network. If the people like what you post, they will subscribe to receive such updates the next time you post.

Call to action

It is evident that there are many ways on how to use LinkedIn Events Marketing from the points above. Sign in for more information on how you can use LinkedIn in events marketing and ensure you get the best goals out of your events all the time.


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