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How to use LinkedIn for Artists, Musicians, and Engineers?

LinkedIn has gained considerable momentum these days due to the presence of millions of professionals on this platform. It is helping many people to connect with other likeminded people and people in similar professions. Moreover, LinkedIn helps in building healthy connections which prove to be highly effective when it comes to building a brand from inception.

LinkedIn has a lot to offer to people in almost all professions. Now Musicians and Artists might think of how they can effectively use it to get the utmost benefits. Let’s have a look at how LinkedIn helps the artists to promote their art.

  1. Completing the profile with an appropriate name: This is the first way to get recognition on LinkedIn. Make sure you put the same profile name which you have mentioned in all other Social media platforms. Moreover, you must mention all the vital details on your profile page so that people get to know more about you. It enhances your visibility among other leading artists on the platform and thus eventually serves the purpose of gaining followers.


  1. Get connected with all your daily contacts: One of the excellent ways which undoubtedly helps the artists is connecting with people with whom they meet regularly. Even as an artist, you can take the help of your existing contacts to get in touch with more like-minded people. But take care to add only meaningful connections on LinkedIn and avoid the contacts which are of no use.


  1. Engage in Q and A sessions: An artist can utilize Q and A section of LinkedIn to showcase his/her knowledge. It will help people to gauge your exposure and experience in the domain, and in this way, an artist is all set to acquire useful contacts. But the real key here is to be specific while answering the questions.


  1. Use Groups: Utilizing the various groups which deal with art and especially music will help the artists and musicians to attain their desired goal.


What about the Engineers? How can engineers get benefitted from their profile on LinkedIn? Since Engineering is the only profession that has more supply than demand, so it becomes essential for Engineers to use LinkedIn to stand out among the crowd.


  1. Write a useful Summary: One of the leading tips for Engineers out there is to write a productive summary for their profile with SEO-enriched keywords. It will help the recruiters to reach their profile and know more about them, and thus it will give a specific edge over others.


  1. Ask for recommendations: There is nothing better than asking for recommendations from peers to make profile healthier. Most importantly, it boosts the credibility of the account and thus helps in a multi-faceted way.


  1. Add skills and several endorsements: It is the most effective way to use LinkedIn to demonstrate the world what an engineer knows to get the long term benefits.


Thus, these are some of the ways to use LinkedIn as an artist, musician or engineer.

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