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How to Use Linkedin for Blogging?

LinkedIn has become a robust social media platform these days. It is a significant source of creating awareness about a brand or a service. Moreover, people use it to make valuable connections in the market for fruitful dealings.

One question that comes in mind of various Bloggers is that whether LinkedIn is equally useful for their blogs or not. The answer is “Yes.” Bloggers can also make optimum use of this platform to acquire a lot of traffic on their blogs. This is due to the vast activities of people on this platform. But there is a difference between using it and efficiently using it. Since numerous people are doing the same thing, so making yourself distinct among them is the real key.

Here are some of the most essential tips which you can use to drive traffic on your blog efficiently:

  1. Profile Completion: This is the first step, which is the most prominent among all. You might have heard, “First Impression is the Last Impression.” The same is applicable here. Making a complete profile for you and your company will make people familiar with you and your company. You must put the link of your Blog/Website in your profile so that people can get to know about it. So, if they will click on the link, you will get more traffic on your blog.
  2. Connections Building: Merely building an attractive profile won’t help much if you are not getting connecting with people out there. More people you have in your list more are the chances of people reaching your blog. Make it your daily habit to send connections to your school friends, college friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. This way, you will be able to reach a large chunk of people directly.
  3. Sharing your posts: An alternative way to optimize benefits from LinkedIn is to share your position with your contacts. The best way to do is to use LinkedIn emails to reach all the connections at once and to spread awareness about your new blog post. But overusing the LinkedIn emails is not recommended as it may lead to spamming.
  4. Writing appealing Content: Writing quality content in the Article section of LinkedIn equally helps in getting a lot of traffic. But make sure that you write unique and niche-specific content. Because when you write on a specific topic, people recognize you for that particular niche, and thus they get to know about your blog, and things fall in place automatically.
  5. Join maximum Groups: There are lots of groups on this social platform from which you can acquire traffic on your blog. Studies reveal that 80% of people on LinkedIn are active in at least one group. But be very specific while choosing a group. The tip is to target groups having a niche on which your blog is active. This way, you can engage people having similar interests and thus can have more following.

    Thus these are some tips through which you can get a lot of traffic on your blog via LinkedIn. If you are looking for more info on how to use LinkedIn for blogging? get in touch with us.

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