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LinkedIn has taken over the business social mediasphere. Just a few years ago, the platform was known as a “stuffy” social networking website helpful only for job-seekers, at best. Fast-forward a few years, and every professional now possesses a LinkedIn account. If you’re one of the few business owners yet to start a LinkedIn account, you should change that.

Amongst many other functions, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to market your business. You may wonder how to use LinkedIn for business marketing. I’ll tell you five ways you can improve your marketing reach using LinkedIn.

1. Identify Your Mission:

What do you hope to gain from marketing on LinkedIn? Is your goal to find suitable clients, to expand publicity or to form connections with professionals who can grow your business? Deciphering what you plan to achieve using LinkedIn will make your marketing much more accessible. Once you have identified your goal, it is then possible to locate the right customers for your business, the keywords to use in your posts and other factors instrumental to hitting the right notes on the social network.

2. Image Is Everything:

Particularly on social media, your image is indeed everything, even on professional networks like LinkedIn. What does this mean for your business? It is vital that you have a personal LinkedIn account if you plan on marketing products or services. A personal account enables prospective clients to verify your credentials, and so you should link your account to your business page. Most individuals prefer to purchase from “real people,” so it is efficient to put a face to the name. Ensure, as well that your profile summary is well written and conveys your goals and values adequately.

3. Engage!

Most LinkedIn users are CEOs, business owners, professionals, and generally people who take their work seriously. Therefore, it can be tough to figure out how to use LinkedIn for business marketing without seeming too desperate. The key strategy is to stay actively engaged on the platform. You do well to post regularly — intriguing, stimulating posts, usually about handling or discussing niche-specific problems or dilemmas. It is also essential to reply to other people’s posts and include your services in as many posts without being obviously sales oriented. Engagement also occurs in the form of LinkedIn groups which are useful for online networking. All of this engagement facilitates connection which is what we need to gain authentic customers.

4. Harness LinkedIn Assistance:

Like most social networks geared toward professionals and businesses, LinkedIn assists with data analysis, company page SEO and keyword usage. Use all the help you need. Do not be afraid to use LinkedIn ads to improve your business’ visibility. There are many businesses, and if people never know you exist, then they will never patronize you. LinkedIn recommends including niche keywords in your company’s profile summary and even in your posts. Also, consistently monitor your growth to identify areas needing improvement.

5. Ask a Linked Lead Ninja:

Sometimes figuring out how to use LinkedIn for business marketing can all be very overwhelming. It’s OKAY and perhaps in your business’ best interest to seek help from professionals. Here at Linked Lead Ninja, we help you figure out how to gain regular lead flow on LinkedIn alone! We would like to see you utilize the abundant opportunities on LinkedIn to engage, make connections and build stable relationships that will lead to financial success for your business! You can schedule a quick consultation on how to use linkedin for business marketing through our website. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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