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Linkedin is the largest social network with over 120 million users that effectively enable you to network professionally, grow your business by giving you an opportunity to fully engage and reach out to potential customers online and to keep in touch with friends and colleagues who would eventually generate and create leads for you in business. Linkedin can therefore be used for business networking in so many ways through setting up a linkedin profile, building networks, creating linkedin groups, generating leads and using linkedin applications.

Linkedin profile

Creating a linkedin profile is the first step towards the success of your business. It is free and quick. Having a linkedin profile requires you to sign up on the linkedin website giving relevant information about yourself, schools you attended and your work experience. Your profile ought to be complete since people searching for your contact details will make a decision to connect with you based on the details and information you give on your profile. Your visibility will be increased with a complete profile thus helping you to find potential prospects, recruiters and even employers.

Building networks

With a complete linkedin profile, try connecting with individuals you have done business or worked with. These are people who have similar interests with you and have worked in your industry. This can be successfully done by starting with the people you know such as friends, relatives and colleagues which will help you build an immediate network. Moreover, connecting your linkedin account with twitter is another way that will enable you to post a linkedin message or status to twitter platform then successfully tweet into the linkedin status.

Creating linkedin groups

Creating a linkedin group is quite important for business networking as it will enable you to engage potential customers through an online platform. It gives you an opportunity to invite pas colleagues, customers and even coworkers to join and engage in meaningful business discussions. Furthermore, after creating a group, ensure that people know that you have a business group by promoting your group on social media networks, blogs and even on the website. This provides you with an opportunity to invite experts in your industry to join and engage in discussions hence increasing your business network.

Generating leads

Linkedin generates new and important leads for your business by freely driving people to valuable and relevant content on your blog and website. This can be achieved successfully through using linkedin directads which allows you to automatically push ads to linkedin subscribers. Answering relevant questions on linkedin is another way that you can engage linkedin audience as it gives you an opportunity to leave links of relevant articles with leading pages to your website and enables you to gain expertise in your business category if the answer you give is chosen as the best for a specific question.

Using linkedin applications

Linkedin has valuable applications to boost your business network as well as your brand and content. Through a blog link in the linkedin, it allows you to link your blog with your linkedin profile enabling you to share your content with your social network. Slide share is another important application that promotes your business content by allowing you to share your slides and presentations to your linkedin profile and other platforms.

In conclusion, linkedin is an excellent and incomparable business-oriented social networking tool that allows you to professionally triumph in not only business but also build meaningful connections and relationships. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to succeed in your business network, linkedin is the best place to be as it has proved to be a key networking tool on how to use linkedin for business networking for businesses as it provides a platform for potential employers, business partners and clients.

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