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How to use LinkedIn for Real Estate business?

LinkedIn is the social media platform that can help immensely in generating real estate leads. It has been observed that it has helped in producing 277% more leads for real estate than Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, having an active presence on LinkedIn for the real estate businesses can be rewarding.

Here are few of the tips that can help in generating leads for the real estate business:

  • Add all the details about your business on your company page: Once you have a registered page for your company on LinkedIn, fill it with all the information about the company, like real estate website URL, link to other social media platforms, owner’s bio and any additional relevant information. Update information regarding your experience in the real estate business, the areas where you specialize, your past working experience as an agent or broker, your realtor certification and other such relevant details. After putting up all the information, create a professional-looking banner for your company page header.
  • Create a unique company page to stand out of the crowd: After putting up all the information on the Company Page search of ways that can help to optimize it to look distinct. Adding Vimeo and YouTube videos that will be posted on the Company Page, homepage and in the follower’s homepage feeds. Visual content is made in the context that attracts traffic, and this can help in marketing your real estate social media marketing.
  • Have a showcase page to present more business information- there are different types of pages that you can present on LinkedIn for your business. The Company page is to real estate website, and Showcase page is to dedicated landing pages. There is an option to put up more Showcase pages to promote blog posts, promotional offers, or any other significant disclosures or information for your viewers.
  • Use advanced search features to connect with locals- Advanced search helps the employees and employers in hiring from LinkedIn, but it can also help in generating leads for real estate business. Advanced search can help you to connect with people of interest, identifying background information on current leads and locate new prospects. Try connecting with new people but not spam them.
  • Join or create groups to connect with locals- LinkedIn has groups of people that have similar interests. Join real estate groups that have your target audience. Communicating with fellow real estate agents and consumers across the country will create your online presence. Also, join groups that have local members of your interest (LinkedIn shows their income levels and links to other social media networks) connect with them personally if they suit your requirements.
  • Post exciting content- post interesting and informative content, either your or others to generate traffic on your account. Posting content substantially helps in building your online presence. It will portray your image as someone who wants to help others, and this helps in boosting your business.


LinkedIn if used aptly can help your real estate business to bloom by connecting you with your target audience. Looking for more info on

How to use LinkedIn for Real Estate business? don’t worry, get in touch with us we are here to help you.

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